Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Selfie Sunday Date at McDo


It's August already and day by day it's been just like oh clock is ticking very fast. Month's end with ber is fast approaching. I am looking for more things and moments to experience this month. I have one thing I want to accomplish this month and that is to have a second savings account where i can put my emergency fund coz temporarily I am putting it in a cooperative, the cooperative is just fine but it is not anymore convenient on my part because i need to travel 15-20 mins just to go there to deposit my emergency fund. I want my emergency fund to be automatically deducted in my salary bank account and doing it online is the most convenient part to make for me. So I am hoping that I could do that this month.

Enough of that by the way :) let me proceed to my selfie date at McDo today. It's been a while that I was not able to go out without any company of my friends since I always go out meeting them at the city or they will come at our house to do a movie marathon during weekend. I can only go out during weekend coz I am so busy with work from Monday to Friday. So here is what happen today with my selfie date mode :))

  • I go to church at 2:30 pm mass and it ends at around 4:00 pm.
  • After that I went to the nearest mall which is Gaisano Mall Iligan City a few blocks away only from church.
  • There are several food chains inside the mall. There is Chowking, Jollibee, Greenwhich, Mang Inasal and Red Ribbon but what I choose is McDonalds :) I always eat at Jollibee and Chowking with friends also Greenwhich with Mom. Mang Inasal and Red Ribbon is not on my list of want to eat up something because of their expensive food, well for some it's not but I find their food expensive. Jollibee, Greenwhich and McDonalds food fits well my budget or any persons budget if they want to eat food that are delicious and at the same time cheap. I have only PHP 100 budget for this selfie eating :) So I enter McDonalds and order a McFloat, Fries and a Burger. I did take a picture of it, see below: :)

When I eat out I always get the receipt. This way I can total how much I spend for it in my spending tracker app on my ipod. So I take a photo of the receipt also, just take a look:

You can read on the receipt that the Burger cost PHP 29, Fries is PHP 29 and Coke Float which is PHP 25. A total of PHP 83.00 and I have a change of PHP 17.00. My PHP 100 budget really fits up. Going to McDo once a while without someone with me feels like very nice or I mean it was really fulfilling. I don't have someone to talk to but I feel not alone, yes it's not, why? Coz sometimes I do feel that I need to think and think and think again for a while without getting any ideas or opinions from friends or others. I just enjoy eating there plus reading an ebook from my iPod, most funny thing also is I can observe people around me, how they talk with their date's, aka their boyfriends, their kids etc. So now I will see to it that even just once a month I will make this thing, dating myself once in a month :) This is cool!!!
  • Last is after eating at McDo, I went upstairs or at the 2nd floor of the mall to look at their displays of clothes, shoes, and many more but I end up not enjoying it because I have no money to buy anything in there though, hehe. Yeah, budget is very tight so I need to discipline myself not to wander around anymore because for sure jealousy will strike me.
That's it! My first weekend sunday date with myself for this month of August. How about you? Do you also do selfie date?

Till next time,


  1. Wow! I didn't know there was an expense tracker app for ipods:)

    I like getting some alone time to think, too. I don't think I've done a selfie date, though a few times I've wandered around the mall by myself.

  2. Hi Carlos,
    Yes I am tracking my expenses on my ipod using Expense Tracker App. I have a post detailing how to use it on my other website -

    Selfie moments is very much popular now :) So I did tried having this kind of selfie date at McDo.

    I think you should have a selfie date too :)

    Thanks for the comment!