Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday and Black Saturday


I started Good Friday morning with a headache :( sigh, I just suddenly woke up being so pale and weak. So the rest of Good Friday and Black Saturday was only at home. I am taking med and lots of water, so I hope I will feel better tomorrow (Easter Sunday) by God's grace.

I am currently following Bo Sanchez blog and a subscriber to his daily email for free for quiet sometime now. He is one of the authors that I do really like. I am reading his blog, ebooks and daily email to my email address everyday. On March 23, 2013, when I opened my email, I received his email saying to grab his ebook for FREE with a title "7 Days of Prayer and Fasting". For the whole holy week, for 7 days I will need to read his ebook, and I really did!It was my 6th day today of reading it.

On his ebook, it was emphasized to fast on food but I am too skinny and cannot fast on food because I am sick so I decided not to fast on food. I decided to fast on ... well I will tell you what I fast at the end of reading the ebook. I will write another posts soon after I am finish reading the Ebook.

Enjoy your holy week and don't forget to pray. Prayer is the key to anything.

God Bless to all of us!

See yah...


Holy Thursday Visita Iglesia

Hi Everyone,

Me and my family just celebrate the Lenten Season at home. We didn't go anywhere, we just stay at home.

But on Holy Thursday night, I and the rest of my church brothers and sisters did a Visita Iglesia. We will visit all 7 churches in the city and ask for 3 wishes from the Lord but if you want positive results just like my leaders said we have to really have faith on what we pray and give promises to the Lord to change something from ourselves, like changing bad attitude or etc.

Below are the photos I got from the churches we visited, unfortunately I got only 4 photos taken, but here it is anyways:

Church 1: Inahan sa Kinabuhi Church (ISK)

Church 2: Chinese Church (my fault not able to get the exact name of the church) but this is where Chinese people in our city goes to.

Church 3: Corpus Cristi Church

Church 4: St. Michael's Church (the biggest church in Iligan City)

It was one of the best experience I had during the Holy Week.

See you soon...


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hindrances To Get A Savings Account in Banks


Today it was a long and tiring day for me...

But still I able to overcome some hindrances that gets on my way when I walk around the city doing the plans I want to do today. My big plan was to get a savings account via ATM or passbook to any banks in Iligan but I was dissapointed.

These are the steps I go through:

  •  I accompany my friend to a school to follow up her job application.
  • I went to Unionbank to pay for Kaiser Health Insurance for this month of March which is worth PHP 2081.
  • I went to nearest Kodak Studio.
  • I went to nearest photocopier store to photocopy my 2 valid id's that was the requirement to open a bank savings account.
  • I meet up with my Brother in Christ to open an account to MSU-IIT Cooperative for a savings account.
  • Then I go to BPI, Metrobank and Almanah Islamic Bank to inquire for their account savings opening.
On the contrary, I expected a lot to get it from BPI because I saw on their website that you can get a savings  account via ATM for a PHP 500 minimum fee but when I ask their customer service representative it was a big 3K which is PHP 3, 000. And my reaction on my mind was "What?????", I heard it right, it's a big 3K. Eh, never mind but still said "Thanks" to the CR (customer service rep) and by the way I don't like how the CR treated me :( He is not accommodating, when I ask him, his brows raised and seems he doesn't want to entertain my questions, he's quite been irritated. CR should be accommodating to their clients but that CR is really DON'T...

Next, I go to Metrobank since I have a FAMI investment and Metrobank is the bank which will make my life easier to make additional investment to FAMI. Unlike BPI CR whom not accommodating, well the CR in Metrobank is accommodating and smiling :) has a friendly aura. When she saw me waiting at the chair she immediately ask me what I want to inquire with a matching smile. Customer Rep should be like that so that the client will be encouraged to open an account to their bank unlike BPI. Their opening fee was PHP 2,000, not that bad but I said that I will just come back next time.

3rd, was on Almanah Islamic Bank which is a Subsidiary bank of Development Bank of the Philippines. When I approach the CR table, the CR accommodates me calmly and with a smile just like with Metrobank Rep. Their opening fee was PHP 1,000, voila this is it!!but the requirements made me not to open an account yet. One of their requirement was a TIN Card or an ITR (Income Tax Return), well I don't have a copy of this yet, so I need to go to BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and still to need to change my employment status their. I need to follow up about this maybe next time. So I just said "Thanks" to the CR and will just come back next time.

Lesson learned today: "Patience is a virtue" :)

So it was a long day....................

Till next time :)

Good Night

Monday, March 25, 2013

How to compute the profit gain of FAMI investment?


When I wake up this morning an email has arrived from FAMI. I felt very glad reading it :), it was my Statement of Account about the initial investment I made last March 19, 2013. From March 19-25, 2013 I already gained PHP 55 for 6 days :).

How to compute what you gain? This is how it is:

Initial Investment (II) : PHP 5,000 - 100 (EF) = 4900
NAVPS 1 is the NAVPS on March 19, 2013 when I first bought the share: 5.2470
NAVPS 2 is the NAVPS for today March 25, 2013
Entry Fee (EF) (2%) 0.02*5000 =100

Number of Shares bought is: NS = 4900/5.2470 = 934 shares

Profit Gain = NS* (NAVPS 2 - NAVPS 1)
                                                                 = 934 * (5.3056 - 5.2470)
                                                                 = PHP 55

My money now is  PHP 4,955.43 . I am very excited about this :) The additional investment after this that I need to deposit is at minimum of PHP 1,000. Hope you too will start to invest in a mutual fund in FAMI soon...the sooner the better...

See yah on my next posts :)

God Bless,

How to Invest in FAMI?


Again posting my new  post  at 1:14 am here in Philippines. When I became an Associate Broker in IMG last December 2012 one of my reason why I joined is to invest in a mutual fund. I have a little knowledge in mutual fund before because I didn't know how to invest or where to invest my money. But when I joined IMG I have learned all of these and my mentors or co-associate's in IMG said that the best mutual fund company they would recommend for me to invest is First Metro Asset Management, Inc (FAMI)  particularly with the fund name Save and Learn Equity Fund. The minimum initial investment is PHP 5,000.

So here is the requirements needed when I first invested with First Metro Asset Management, Inc (FAMI). You should fill up this forms (1-3).

1. Account Opening Form (for individuals) for corporate account their is a different form.

2.  Investment Risk Profile Form

3. 2 Copies of Specimen Signature (Individuals)

4. Photocopies of your 2 valid ID's.

5. Deposit Slip

You will make your investment through this mode of payments:

  • Cash
  • Checks
Deposit directly at Metrobank account: 

Then submit a copy of your accomplished forms and deposit slip and fax to fax number: (02) 816-0467 or email at, then forward the original copies at

18th Floor PS Bank Center,
777 Paseo de Roxas Avenue corner SedeƱo Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City

or pouch it at any Metrobank Branches near you with pouch code # 90020. For checks received , booking of your investment will be made upon clearing the check. In IMG, we have different process on how to send it to FAMI, just contact me for more details.

Till my next posts :)

God Bless!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Have a Heart of a Servant


When you read the verse on this picture, what will directly come's into your mind?or your heart? Today, we did our Christian Life Program training at 1pm-5pm. It is a half day training but I enjoyed listening to the speakers and having some chitchats with my brothers and sisters in Christ at the venue. Glad I was early to arrive at the venue :)

By the way, this kind of training was being implemented twice a year. This is our way of letting ourselves ready to go into battle. Not the battle that you're thinking that we will go to Iraq or so ;), this is a battle of good against bad. Against God and Satan, we as God's servant are His army that we will go to a battle. Next week we will start to evangelize single man and woman ages 21-40 years old. We will encourage them to join our Christian Life Program and to know God more in their life. This is not an easy battle for us coz we know that Satan is also working for those we will evangelize not to successfully know more about Jesus and follow Him.

My task is big on our coming CLP but I didn't refuse to it when my leader approach me because I know that God has a plan and a reason why He give this task to me. If I will only rely to my own strength then for sure I cannot do it but I know God will be working through me and all I have to do is do my part and He will do the rest :)

In the end: "God REWARDS those who will diligently SEEK HIM" ^___^

See yah on my next posts....



Die Too Soon or Live Too Long?

Hi Again :)

I am supposed to write this last night but I have no enough time to do it. So now will be the time to write this. Based on the title of this post, it' quite intriguing or a question that will make u think on what would be the answer, right? That question has been on my mind for couple of months now when I started attending IMG Wealth Academy lectures. That question had struck my heart directly when I heard it. What will be my answer to the question??? Of course I want to live too long! Who wouldn't like that? No one I think want to die too soon especially if that person has still many dreams in life that he/she wants to accomplish or go through.

But my answer that I want to live too long would need a very big DISCIPLINE on my part as a person. I remember a line from a movie "Spiderman" that says "Great Power comes Great Responsibility". So if I want to live too long, I should discipline myself starting now not later but now. Even though I have a big responsibility with my family I should not also forget about myself. Every payday I should "Pay Myself First" before anything else.

I am wondering those average earner employees who has a take home pay of PHP 6,000 every month has a huge savings or still they can save even little amount of their pay. Compare to those who has a take home pay of about PHP 10,000 above that has no savings even a single centavo on their bank account. It is really how you manage your money wisely plus the discipline on yourself. We should "Live within our means".

Evaluate our wants and needs. Needs is more important than wants. For example, if you really want to buy a new phone like iPhone 5 but you already have your phone which is not a latest phone. Then ask yourself if you really want to buy a new one or is it a need? I have read a blog a days ago that says "Allow a month for that want to lasts and get back again to that want if you still want that".

We should also "Increase our Cashflow". How? Do have some business, like sell your old stuff to ebay or In IMG we have the solution for this, if you want to know more, just contact me and I will be willing to help you.

Start to have a health or life insurance that will protect you and help you in case of emergencies. Right now, PhilHealth has a minimum for about PHP450 for quarter that you will pay for self-employed, for employed it was cheaper I think. IMG has a become a partner of a health insurance company which is Kaiser also that you can have.

Then, we should eliminate our debts. So if you have a debt, start to slowly paying them. Pay those who have high interest first and down to the lowest interests. Debt makes a person not secure on his financial standing. Debt will eat you out in full if you will not stop or eliminate it.

Start to create your Emergency Fund. I have a post about this explaining how much you need for your emergency fund. Emergencies can happen anytime so we must be ready if that will come.

Last is investments. Start to create your portfolio and diversify it. We can invest our money to mutual fund or stocks. Stocks is more risky than mutual fund. It is better that you will finish creating your emergency fund before you invest in stocks. I have still no plan right now to invest in stocks. I am investing right now on mutual fund.

So what I've mentioned above is needed if we want to live too long :)

Till my next post. See yah :)


Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Calculate Our Emergency Fund

Great Eve,

This will be a long post so please bare with me :) It's been 10:18 pm now here in the Philippines and I was able to browse this blog from a blog author named Fitz. I have been reading financial blogs this past few months and I have learned a lot already but what's missing on my part is the word "ACTION", when will I act to what I have read? Well, the sooner the better.

When my mother has been brought to the nearest hospital here in Iligan City (Dr. Uy Hospital) last August 2012, it changes everything on. My life, faith in God and how to look at money the other way not like what I have been thinking before, that "Money is the root of all evil". From that point on, it changes my mindset on how to look at the word "Money".

My mother has been diagnosed to have a diabetes. I swear to God that it does shock me knowing it. Mom has been healthy this past few years (by the way my mom is 48 years old now) and she was never been brought to a hospital since birth. She does goes to a doctor for body check ups but never been brought to a hospital.

When we are at the hospital, my mind was busy finding ways how to solved the hospital bills afterwards and at the same time very worried about my mom's condition. I am very thankful I did continue paying her Phil Health quarterly and it does help us paying the hospital bill and some of her medications. But still half of our hospital bill should come from my own wallet and my wallet at that time is really "0", I have no savings, emergency fund, etc. that I can use for that. It's really embarrassing and disgracing on my part as a daughter.

So what I did was I loan a not so big amount to someone and will pay that loan every month without interest, that person was an instrument given to me by God to help me and I am very thankful.

Few months from that I did make a move on how can I start to be financially educated. I attend financial seminars through IMG-Wealth Academy and became a member last December. I get my own health/life insurance from KAISER. I then started to read so many blogs about how to be educated financially. I have been working online for almost 3 years already and I do honestly say that I didn't saved, it's really embarrassing but right now I am slowly making myself to changed my habit I have been doing before.

So right now, I will start to build my emergency fund. My IMG mentor said that I should make it liquid, so meaning I should put it on a bank for me to easily access it in case of emergency. He did let me take note that "Emergency Fund" should be used only for emergencies like what happened to my mom last year. I should not touch it anytime that I want to.

Then I stumble with this blog from Fitz Villafuerte "Emergency Fund Calculator: How Much Money Do You Really Need to Save?".
His answer was very basic - The simplest and basic answer is 6 months worth of your income. Or 3-6 months of your income.

He cited different steps on how to calculate our emergency fund.

  • We should start at our Monthly Expenses (ME).

 I am not tracking my expenses for the past years but right now I am tracking it daily. Yeah, you heard me right! I am tracking it daily :)
We should list of our expenses every month like for debt and mortgage payments, food and grocery expenses, utility bills, insurance, entertainment and any expenses you are doing for a month. This is what we call ME.
"Mine was: ME = PHP 8, 067" 

  • We should know our Income Margin (IM)
He said that if you are an employee and you income is fixed every month, this means that your income margin is 0. If you are a self employed like me there will be good and lean months, so my income is not fixed. I can shockingly received bonuses from my boss. I said shocking because I did not expect when will he give it to me in a year and how much it will be.
To calculate our IM like me, I have to subtract the my highest income I received for the past year to the lowest income. 
"Mine was: (Highest Income) PHP12,900 - PHP 12,200 (Lowest Income) = PHP 700
  • We will calculate our Income Handicap (IH)
Our Income Handicap is a factor that relates our ability to find a new source of income.
For employees, this means how long can we find our new job. For a freelancer or a self employed like me, this is how long I can find a new boss or client.

The author gives example on how to calculate this. If we are employed for four years then our IH is 2.  If you  are employed for 1 year then your IH is 0.5 . If 6 years then IH is 3.

"Mine is 3 years so my IH is 1.5."
  • Last is our PE (Possible Emergencies)
For example was when my mom was brought to the hospital, the PhilHealth help her in some way but it is does not fully covered all the medical expenses. Another is when there is a typhoon or flood that will occur in your area. It is hard to calculate but we should estimate how much this would cost us.
"Mine was PHP 7, 000"

Now the formula on how to calculate all of this:

Emergency Fund = (ME x 6) + (IM x 3) + (ME x IH) + PE

This is how I calculate Mine: 
EM = (PHP 8,067 x 6) + (PHP 700 X 6) + (PHP 8,067 x 3) + PHP 7,000 = PHP 69,602.5

Now I know what should be the Emergency Fund I should have on a bank.

One lesson I've learned from this,  "I should start building my Emergency Fund NOW!" not later but NOW!" It is better to be safe and sorry after all :(...

Thank you for bearing with me on this long post :)

Till next post....I should now go to sleep,'s 11:34 PM now :)



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Believe and Be Satisfied "A Poem From God"


A post from me again :) I am proud to say that I am a Single's for Christ servant for almost 1 year already and getting 2 years this coming July.Serving the Lord was the best experience that happened in my life. I had able to experience ups and downs of life but still I trust in Him that He will always be there for me.

This poem I am writing now is a poem I got from an Audio Verse I listened to for about a couple of years already and from that moment on I did remember all of it :)

Here it is:

Everyone longed to give themselves completely to someone
To have a deep relationship with another
To be loved thoroughly and exclusively

But God says "NO" not until your satisfied and fulfilled and content of being loved by Me alone
"I Love You My Child", and until you discover that "Only in Me" is satisfaction to be found
And you're not capable about a perfect relationship that I planned for you

You're never be united with until you are united with me
Exclusive of any desire and longings
I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow me to give you the most thrilling relationship that exist

One that you can even imagine, I want you to have the best, please allow Me to bring it to you
Keep watching me, expecting the greatest things, keep experiencing the satisfaction that I am
Keep learning and listening to the things I tell you

Don't be anxious, don't worry, don't look around the things that other's have gotten or that I have given them
Don't look at the things that you want, just keep looking at Me or you'll missed that I want to show you
And then, when you are ready, I'll surprise you with the love far more wonderful that you could ever dream

You see until you're ready and until the one that I have for you is ready
Whom I've working for this very minute as I working with you
So to both of you ready at the same time

Until you're both satisfied exclusively with Me and the life I have prepare for you
You won't be able to experience the love that is based on your relationship with Me
And this, is "Perfect Love"

And Dear One, I want you to have the most wonderful love
I want you to experience a relationship with me and to enjoy the everlasting beauty and perfection in love that I offer
Know that I loved you utterly
I am Your Heavenly Father, "believe and be satisfied" ^^


Payment Day Today

It's payment day today :) Well, this is what I call it because I need to pay all of our house bills: electricity bill, telephone and internet bill, SSS and life insurance. I am not paying for myself only but also for Mom's health and life insurance. I am settling this all day because I want it to be done just in one day. The Lady who collected my pay for my life insurance ask something like this, "You will also pay for your other house bills?", and I said "Yup :)",she is amazed and said again "Well, you are really a good and responsible person. You're mother will be very proud of you."

What she said made me realized that helping my mother paying all the house bills is just my way of showing love and respect to her. It is now my time to pay back all what she has done for me until I graduated college and now has a work to provide us what we need.

Every month I am doing it and seeing to it that all bills should be settled on that particular month. I list all of these in a notebook and calculate it like this:

Electricity Bill - PHP 1,007
Telephone & Internet Bill - PHP 1,410
SSS - PHP 624
Life Insurance - PHP 1,300
Debt - PHP 504 (this is a debt I owe from my friend who did pay for my extra luggage when I went to Manila for a conference)

I am taking it down coz I really want to be organize and organizing this kind of things is one way of letting me be responsible on all of my finances. I am actually doing this for 3 years already and I can proudly say that it is very effective if you write it down. This way I can track where my money goes. Managing our finances is very important for us to realize that money is easy as it goes if you will not handle or use it wisely.

By the way, I am 24 years old and getting 25 this coming June 2013 and I will be very honest that I have still a lot to go on managing my finances really work.
One tip for today was: List or take down notes on your monthly bills :)

See yah on my next posts ^_^