Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Life Update...It's been ages!


It's been ages!!!Oh yeah my last post was August 2015 and it's October 2016 already. I really miss u all!

It's been 13 months which is 1 year and 1 month ago since I wrote on this blog. A lot has happened during that 1 year and 1 month to me, I can't specifically mentioned all of those but I would like to summarize what really happened why I am out in the blogging world. I apologized for being away for so long. I missed writing to this blog.

Ok, let me now start my summarize story here.

Last August 2015 in my last post I mentioned about being a judge in my previous school where I teach before in there Ms and Mr Nutrition Month. I also got myself enrolled in a NC 2 Food and Beverage short course as a requirement in my application for a public school. All teacher's are required now to have a NC 2 certificate aside from the 4 year Bachelor Degree. I finished that for 4 months only and passed the national certification exam after that, the short course was expensive and it depleted my Coop savings :( yeah but I know knowledge can't be bought. During that 4 months also, I have met my first boyfriend and now an ex-boyfriend. We are classmates on the class where we met. I will no longer mentioned him here since we already parted our ways last July 17, 2016. Haha I still remember the date but anyways that's all about him, thank you, lol!

A lot of opportunities come along my way during those 1 year and 1 month but I declined them all, YES who would believe I have the guts to declined them since I am a type of person who always accept anything that throws at me and specifically it is a teaching job. Since I got my degree all I really wanted was to teach in a school but there is something along the way or i think on myself that blocks it for me to achieve it. After I graduated from College last 2009, I had an experienced working online and the work is flex, I own my time and that interests me a  lot. While working online I still applied in schools to be a teacher and they hired me but only for a few months, a 2 month, 3 month or 5 month contract only. So during the day I worked as a teacher and at night as a virtual assistant online. It was really hard to have 2 jobs at the same time, I lost so much weight and was not sleeping very well. After that experienced teaching I had stop last 2014.

Right now I am still working online but my current employer has a problem on his business and this keeps  me worried if when will I have this kind of job. I don't know where will I go if this will happen, I am financially depending on it. Plus the very sad part of this was that my savings has been depleted already, meaning I have 0 savings or emergency fund, 8k only in FAMI-SALEF since I withdraw a 25k to buy my new laptop now to use for work. Yes very sad right :( but I am not losing hope, I am praying that I will be out of this situation soon and will got my finances back on track. I am also planning to buy a VUL from a friend this month.

I don't want to dwell and think about the negative side right now and I am now thinking on the positive aspect of what's best to do about my situation. I have a plan to go back to teaching next year. I don't really know yet right now on what to do but hoping the situation I am in right now will not last too long.

Since right now I am not busy with worked I can now have the time to update this blog always. :)

Talk to you soon.