Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December Events


I've been very busy last two weeks and was not able to update this blog so here I am now writing again.

How are you? As we all know this month of the year will be the busiest for us, parties all over there and other events. Last December 17 my Sister in Christ Ate Bebe got married and it was a perfect and God's plan for her, she was already 40 years old, cool right? At this age we thought that she already has 1 or 3 kids but nope she didn't. I realized that getting married does not based on our age, if we are not ready then why enter into a marriage which is for a lifetime commitment to the person you will love forever. Since I am single right now I realized that we should not get married just because of peer pressure of your age or anything as long as you're ready then that would be the right time. God is always working in His perfect ways without our knowledge so I am keeping my trust to Him always specially my love life.

The Beautiful Bride :)

Me at the reception :) Hehe

It was a very nice and fun marriage event I attended. Just this year I have attended 5 weddings already, hehe. This year was a marriage year indeed! When I am attending a marriage I see to it that I can attend the mass and as I listen to the priest and seeing the bride walking down the aisle I also imagine myself walking down the aisle, just an imagination for now, haha.

Then last Sunday, December 18 I attended the SFC Christmas Party and a fellowship with my Household members.

Lunch Together with My Household Members :)

Singles for Christ Christmas Party 2016

So that was it! Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Talk Soon.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

First Christmas Gift for Myself


One week to go and Christmas Eve will be celebrated, Jesus Christ is coming! I really thank God for this very happy month, the tears, sadness, loneliness and negative feelings I had for the past few months of this year has been replaced with overflowing blessings and happiness this month. God is really amazing and indeed good all the time. The trials I've been through this year was a test on how far my faith to him will be and I indeed succeeded conquering them all and it's all because of him, praise God Almighty!

I received my first Christmas gift to self last Tuesday :) I've been eyeing for this cool gadget or tool for the whole year because I can't really afford it but now Christmas sale is on going and I was able to save PHP2,000+ , yay! The price was down to PHP 779+ PHP119 (Shipping Fee) = PHP 898.
I use my first salary on my new job now to pay for this. I've been wanting to buy this because sometimes when I do travel my phone's battery got easily drained so I need a powerful powerbank to use, hehe. And now here it is na, yay!

I want to present to you "Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000mAH Power Bank White with Gadget Pouch".

(Together with the Gadget Pouch)
The Gadget Pouch is used when you are underwater because it is waterproof. 

It's really nice to shop during December because most things are on sale and you can save more bucks! And by the way, I bought a new pair of sandal to pair with my dress this Saturday for a wedding I will be attending to, it was on sale also, it cost only PHP200+ instead of PHP400+. Yay, God is sooo good :)

Advance Merry Christmas Everyone :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Phone Repaired + Busyness


Yesterday my phone has been repaired! Yepeey! Thanks to Mama for it, the repair costs PHP1100, expensive but I choose  it to be repaired rather than buying a new phone. I accidentally drop it in the rest room when I attended one of my leadership meeting of SFC and the screen's LCD has been broken. I used it for a couple of months with that screen being broken, hehe.

This week has been a very busy week until now, like I said in my previous post I was hired last Thu. The work is very easy but there are a lot to do but I am not complaining since this is an answered prayer :) I've been praying for this for a couple of months already, I have been declined to previous job applications and I think there was a purpose I was declined because I will be hired for this job I am doing now. I am still praying that this job will be for long term. But of course I am not neglecting my first and regular job with my kindest boss, I am still working for him, I am still doing the task I am supposed to do each day. My job online makes me happy so I am thankful to God for what I have now.

I received my 2 weeks pay for this new job and I am now calculating where it should be spend because I don't want to recklessly spend it to anything that I want, I have to think always that needs is more important than wants.

I have a wedding to attend to this coming Saturday and I was able to buy a new dress yesterday, it cost PHP299, it was an elegant blue dress, the price was worth it. I am now thinking if I should buy a new shoes or new sandal to complement the dress. I saw a nice shoes last Monday and it cost around PHP380, it's quiet expensive for me but I still need to go to other stores if there is anything I can find that is worth the price. This coming January 2, 2017 there is another wedding I will attend to. Ugh there are a lot of wedding this year for my friends that I have attended to, hehe. They are asking of when will I be, eh how can it be I just broke up recently with my ex-boyfriend, lol! Well seriously wedding is a serious matter to me, I should not be pressured when it comes to that. Wedding or marriage is a lifetime commitment and it should not be taken lightly by anyone. It is sacred and should be treasured. For me there is always a perfect timing for that and I am waiting for God's timing about that matter :)

This month has been a very happy month for me, I got to spend it with my family, we go out to eat and spend time together.

I am planning to go back investing a small amount to FAMI this month. I had stop it last year, I hope I can go back in track in investing.

Talk soon.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Unexpected Blessing: Hired! + Overflowing Happiness


I just want to share a good news. I got hired yesterday for a part time job for 2 weeks. God is really amazing in his ways. I prayed for this to happen and he indeed give it in his perfect time. I am hoping for this part time job to last long. I unexpectedly also been paid for that 2 weeks job, sweet eh :)

Yesterday was a family day also. My mother treat us for dinner. She gave her early Christmas gift to me and I've been so grateful to God for giving me a kind, loving, beautiful and very generous mother :) I will post a picture of the whole family tomorrow, I am about to sleep when I am writing this, hehe.

My mom's early present was a new anti-radiation specs plus a check up from a Ophthalmologist. The specs cost around PHP 1500. Then a new computer desk, my old computer desk has been very damaged already, we bought it last year 2008 so it has been used for almost 8 years! Imagined that, 8 years with that old desk I am using for work, so kuripot of me talaga,haha. Then a new mattress foam. I am using a wood bed when sleeping so it is kinda hard when you're lying at your back every night, I am not use to sleep in a mattress foam. I grow up sleeping in a "banig" or "katre" which is a Cebuano term for my past 28 years of existence, hehe. I can only sleep in a mattress foam when I am traveling and stays in a hotel or villa where luxury is at it's finest. But if I'm home I am sleeping in a katre or banig. My family is not a rich family, we are at the average income family where we have a comfortable home, can eat three times a day, can go out to eat out once a month or twice only. We don't have a car, an aircon or any luxury you can find in a rich home but I am thankful to God that even if we don't have any of those I mention that we don't have eh I can proudly say that we are happy and contented on what we have.

Before and after photos below of my computer table.

My 8 Years Compute Table ;)

My New Computer Table :) This table is on sale of 30%

By the way, meet my family below :)

From right is my mother Mama Rosenda and next to her is my grandmother Lola Nene

Indeed I can say that this month is the happiest and best month of the year :) Advance Merry Christmas to everybody!


Monday, December 5, 2016



I admit I have trust issue and I am still learning to changed it but today this issue hits me again.

I am a friendly person whom anyone can get along with once they know me but I have few friends whom I trust. Once I've trust someone I share anything to them, I express how I feel either it's good or bad. I am talkative once I've felt comfortable to someone.

My trust has been tested this year when my ex cheated on me while we are still in the relationship. I get to the point that I am affected physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am thankful to God for giving me the strength to let go of that toxic relationship last July. It was 5 months ago but until now I am still healing from the pain it cost me. Being cheated by someone you love is not easy so I now understand those women who has been cheated on. Enough of this and let me move on.

Tonight my trust for I thought a friend to me has been broken again. She ask me something and I answered her back without me knowing that she will relay the message to others and add some negative words on what I said. The one friend also whom she relay the message believe her.

Well I wish the two of them both good luck for what they did to me today, the two of them are now removed from my so called friends. I don't care anymore if I have only 2 friends whom I can trust with as long as I can trust them and they can trust me back.

Hope that in the future my trust issue to anyone will be healed. But right now I will be more careful who to trust.

Talk Soon.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy and Productive Sunday


How are you? How was your weekend?

As I am typing this blog I am about to sleep because this day has been a busy and happy day for me :)

I woke up at 7:00 am, instead of 6:00 am, hehe because my meet up with my one member is at around 9:00 am. If you are a part of a Singles for Christ ministry you will understand what this post is about but for those who are not, it is still ok :)

I am a Christian and I am a part of Singles for Christ community. I am serving the Lord since July 2011 and until now I am serving the community. I am now a Household Head with three members and all of them are ladies. In our community the girls and boys are separated during the Household Meeting, so you will not wonder why all my members are ladies.

At 9:00 am, we started our Household prayer and it was finished at around 12 noon. Below are our picture together. I'd like you to meet my beautiful Sister's in Christ, namely Sis Aiza, Sis Gracety and Sis Judith. We call each other Sis as an endearment for Sister's in Christ.

First Household Together (From left is Aiza, Gracety and Judith)

Second Household Together (From left is Judith, Gracety and Aiza)

Third Household (From left is Judith and Gracety) Aiza is not present.

I am already 5 years serving the community and I can tell that I grow in faith and became a stronger person when I enter the community. I was able to know Christ more and aspire to become a better person each day, I am not a perfect person because I am only human who can commit sins from time to time but when I have this fire burning in my heart I am confident that I can be forgiven by a very forgiving God and not let that sins ruined me as a person. As much as possible I am aspiring to be like Him. I have my own lapses as their leader right now but I know this task will be a task that is being lead by the Holy Spirit who is always guiding me to be a better leader for them. 

The community was a blessing to me, I grow in my spiritual hunger for God and also my weaknesses before has become my strength now. I am praying that God will always guide me as I served Him though this community. It was not easy serving the Lord because you will actually face many trials and problems that you thought you can't handle but when I served Him I realized that the problems and trials I go through daily will not be as hard as before because I know I can conquer them all with the help of Jesus. 

At the afternoon I attended also our household head training which has two spiritual teachings, it ended at around 5:00 pm. After that, another household meeting I attended at 6:00 pm for our one Sister in Christ who has a despidida because she will get married this coming December 17, 2016. I am really happy for Sister Bebe, indeed waiting patiently for God's perfect timing is amazing and beyond explanation. Our God Almighty does work in his mysterious ways without us knowing of what it is and it indeed amazing! Right now personally I am still letting myself be healed from my past relationship and when my heart will be 100% healed I know someone will come along and Papa God will let me know if I am ready for it or not. Waiting for his perfect timing is not a waste of time because he will really surprise you :) Our household has finish at around 9:00 pm.

10:00 pm I arrived at home and literally I am tired but I want to write this before I will sleep, I just want to share what my day went. 

Thank You and God Bless


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Productive Saturday


My weekends usually was doing chores at home every Saturday and doing a community service at Single's for Christ every Sunday.

Today (Saturday) I woke up around 10 am. This is my everyday wake up time, I am guilty of not being able to wake up very early except Sunday which is I woke up around 6 am.

My first chore that I did today was cleaning the living area. What I usually do is remove the dust of the appliances and other souvenirs plus cleaning the floor. But today was different, I saw that our divider display was very dirty already and need a thorough cleaning and arrangement.

This is the result of the cleaning I did. See below:

We are watching TV Patrol of ABS-CBN when I took this photo, hehe. You will notice that my computer desk is beside it, I am planning to buy a new desk soon if I have more funds, actually I regret not able to buy it when I received my 13th month pay. But enough of regret, I don't want to think about it anymore because it will make me sad :(

After cleaning the living room, I did wash my clothes. For the past 4 weeks I see to it that I wash my clothes every Saturday. Before, I am washing my clothes every 2 weeks and I realized that it made me more tired after doing it. For that 2 weeks more clothes should be washed so i decrease it to 1 week only, less clothes and less tiredness.

I am planning to watch a movie later in the evening :) How about you? How did your Saturday go?

Thanks and Be Blessed!


Friday, December 2, 2016

To Do List


I've been wanting to write a to do list a long time ago but laziness strike me always but now I am doing it. Today December 2, 2016 I created my first to do list.

I write my first To Do List it in a 1/4 index card, I have 1 bundle of index card that I bought before and I thought I could use it. Recently that I have a relax time at work during weekdays I realized that I am wasting my time on other things that does not add a value like reading FB Posts and watching movies.

Here is a sample to do list I make today:

Date: December 2, 2016


1. Market MMI Events (Work)

2. Market Life & Wealth Mastery Events (Work)

3. Send 5 Applications to

4. Advance Reading of K-12 Science

5. Write a Blog Post 

6. Send a Work Report

7. Miscellaneous Stuff (Read Bible, Meditate, etc.)

I discover that it's better that I will write it instead of just putting it in my head because I do forgot to do it at the end of the day. I am very forgetful like especially if I go out and my mom will let me buy some stuff, I do always forgot about it. So what she will do is text me a message while I am out so I could remember. Sometimes also I forgot my cellphone, wallet, umbrella or anything when I go out, I am only 28 years old but my brain functionality I think is 40's, lol! Hehe. 

I forgot important dates also like Birthday and Anniversaries. What I am doing to lessen these is to write it on paper or anything so I would not forget.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Budget and Expenses Tracking


I have this red notebook that looks like a wallet when you take a first glance at it but it is actually a notebook, hehe.

I bought this notebook at a department store, it cost about 140 pesos, I am not sure of this because I can't anymore remember the price. This notebook was intended to track all of my expenses and write my monthly budget.

My Monthly Budget

Expenses Tracking

I tried the excel and a budget and expenses app before but it was not a success. Even though I am in front of my computer always for work I still forgot to track it using an excel. On the other hand, a budget and expenses app does not work also. So I decided to buy this notebook and until now I am still using it, this is a success.

On my budget list, I mark check on the amount I spent for me to track if it has been paid or not. On the expenses I sometimes forget it :( , it's just that I am comfortable doing the budget than tracking my expenses. I am planning to buy a bigger notebook next year for me to track my expenses. This notebook is not that big so I just list my budget on that.

Just this early evening my Financial Advisor Vanz Go from AXA message me on Facebook an excel file that tracks my budget and expenses. She made it on her own and it was really good. I will try that this month and see if it work for me. 

How about you? What are you using to track your budget and expenses? Just leave a comment :)