Sunday, October 12, 2014

Life Update: I Miss You All!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I misssssss youuuuuuu alllllll!!!!It's been 4 months that I was not able to write on this blog :( because of so many things that has happened to me for that couple months that writing on this blog is hard to handle anymore.

I have write on my previous post on this blog that I will write everyday to this blog but hey I failed to do that!Anyways, hey I am back now,hehe. I will now write any thoughts, experiences, and many more on this blog, watch out for more of me :)

See u on my next blog post!yay this is exciting!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dahilayan Forest Park Adventure


I am verryyy tired but very happy today :)

We went to Dahilayan Forest Park at Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon this morning at 8:00 am. We arrived at Dahilayan Forest Part at around 12 noon, so it was a long land trip. I had with me my friends Irene, Dave, Diane, Arcelli, and Angel. We had planned this trip last month i think, sorry I can't remember, hehe, it was Diane who suggested to our group to go to Dahilayan and she will take care of the car we can use to go there, it's actually there family car and it was his Brother and Mother who come along also to drive for us, lucky us.

Before we arrived at Dahilayan Forest Park, Diane and Angel was very excited to ride the Zip-line course that is worth about PHP 600 for all rides. And I want to ride also coz I haven't yet tried riding a zip-line before. But very unfortunately the weather does not cooperate with us, when we finish our lunch at one of their finest restaurant inside the park, all of a sudden the rain pours heavily. Urgg :( that was our reaction, coz it would be impossible to take any rides they offer for their tourist during a rain.

Even though we were not able to do that at Dahilayan Forest Park, we were able to have a tour visit at Taekwood Hills. The view was really nice and amazing.

The entrance gate.

The part were the whole city of Cagayan de Oro is overlooking.

Their so called infinity pool.

Then now, some photos we got at Dahilayan Forest Park.

The Entrance..

The pine trees!

Lunch time :)

Even we are not able to have the Zipline course, eh we did take a picture with the hat on our head!lol

That was all it! We had a great time even the weather disappointed us, we will still go back to this place anytime in the future. We will really see to it that we can ride their zipline!haha


Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 2 of Day 30: Home Made Facial + Afternoon Nap + Work


It's Day 2 of Day 30 for this month of June :)

I said on my first post yesterday that I will write a 30 post on this blog for about 1 month, so I hope and making my best to stick to it coz sometimes I do really forgot. My mind is occupied with so many things to do and getting organize on what to do first and second until last during the day is a struggle, I must admit, I am not an organize person. I want to do all things at once so when it comes to time management eh I do really sucks! I admit it is one of my weakness, maybe I should get a planner? I have never been able to have a planner.

Or wishing someone will give me a planner as a birthday gift!haha :) just wishing. Well I have a travel tomorrow to Dahilayan Forest Park but I am now writing this post  before going to sleep, i almost forgot writing this.

Well today I had a pamper self day, when i wake up I made a home made facial. It is an egg white + the egg yolk,  I had a post about it on this blog on how I did it. Plus in the afternoon I got a nap from work, it was quiet long time not to do that since I started my masters, so it was really worth it :)

After that, I had then continue working, still a lot of things to do but hey it can wait!

That's all for my day 2 of day 30.

I will post tomorrow about our trip. May God bless us tomorrow.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 2014


It's June 1, 2014 and probably I must say that this is my month!Hehe, well I will be celebrating my birthday this month and it would be on the first week of June. I will not say yet on when it will be, it's a surprise!Haha..

I want to make this month a very special one for me :) Thank God for giving me another month of this year to celebrate my birth. I want to do something this month for this blog, I hope I could dedicate myself to this idea I have in mind.

I want to write on this blog from June 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014, so it would be a everyday post from me. My masters class will start on June 14, 2014. Then probably it will be a busy Saturday and Sunday. At the end of June 30, 2014 I will have a 30 posts completed. Yay! This is exciting!

Keep in tune for my posts starting today until the end of the month :)


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Masters Summer Class End


I miss u!!!!

Yeah it was 1 month and 14 days to be exact that I was not able to post on this blog! And because of my summer class during Thursday to Saturday plus my online work the whole week eh I was not able to write anything. I concentrated on my studies and work and it ended up very well today :) I had completed 9 units of Masters of Education Major in Educational Management for the whole summer amounting to PHP 6-7, 000. The money spent doesn't matter to me when it comes to educating myself, this is one of my investment for myself that anyone can't take away from me. So if you are planning to pursue or take that course you like, then go ahead, take that as an investment for yourself! Education is something we should be proud to have for ourselves.

I haven't yet received or know what are my grades for those 9 units I take but I hope I performed well for those 3 subjects, but I am confident my grades are higher :)

Today I finish enrolling for this first semester of SY 2014-2015. I enrolled 12 units which is 4 subjects of 3 units each. The class is during Saturday and Sunday only because this course is intended for teachers who is working from Monday to Friday, so it would not be possible to have a class during weekdays, only weekend is possible.

Overall, I must say that I had enjoy studying even though during the afternoon I feel very sleepy listening to the reports of my classmates and the teacher, hehe. But it was all worth it and I had learned a lot from it.

I had only two pictures that I can show you about our summer class, I have my friend Irene with me on the 2nd picture.

Selfie pose plus the classroom :)

Me and Irene relaxing during lunch break.

So that was it!A great summer class indeed!