Friday, January 31, 2014

Travelling...Travelling..For Month of February


It's now 2:13 AM and now officially the month of February. It's the love month of the year :) those who has a partner or a boyfriend will for sure celebrate it on Feb 14th. Myself will celebrate it travelling for almost whole month of February :) so officially single here!hehe..i don't want the bitter mode run through my head. Someday I will also have a boyfriend too, hehe don't know when it will be, I will surrender it all to God Almighty. I don't want to rush about it, I will focus now on myself, family and career. There is more to life than having a boyfriend to be thankful for. Everyday of our life should be celebrated happily not only during the love month, right? Keep on sharing and giving love to others everyday :)

Well, for month of February been a very hectic schedule of travel. Schedule of my travel below:

February 2, 2014 - Cagayan de Oro City
February 4- 7, 2014 - Aloran, Misamis Occidental and Plaridel, Misamis Occidental
February 11, 2014 - Aloran Misamis, Occidental
February 12-13, 2014 - Dakak Beach Resort (Taguilon, Dapitan City)
February 14-16, 2014 - Cagayan de Oro City
February 21, 2014 - Aloran Misamis Occidental

Haha, not that hectic, right? Lol...I have only 1 week left for month of February to rest or stay at home.

I heard someone that travelling while your single is nice since when you are married you can't travel without your husband or kids with you. So enjoy while you are still single and savor the memories or experiences

On Feb 14th, I will spend this valentines day with my Single's for Christ brother's and sister's in Cagayan de Oro City. Specially not only with them but with the Lord Almighty. :)

How about you, what are your February month plans or travels?

Enjoy the love month!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Choose To Give


Yesterday my Auncle (my mom's brother) has arrived in our home early morning at around 8 am. He does not usually visit us without any occasion so were a bit surprise of why he came. He then said the reason why he came and that is, he's daughter has been sick and they cannot brought it to the nearest hospital because they have no money to admit her. So sad, :( right? My mom and I then talk about it on how we can help him even in a little way. I choose to get a certain amount from my emergency fund to help him and also praying for her daughter's fast recovery from her illness.

When he goes to her second sister to ask for help, they didn't give any single cent to him. And that sister she ask for has an obvious much more income than me and mom so why they can't even give something to help? I am quiet sad and disappointed when I heard it from my Auncle, Mom and I just explain that we can't force them to give coz they didn't want to. There are still people nowadays that they even don't know what the word "GIVE" or "GIVING" means. My Auncle didn't specifically ask for a certain amount to give to him but only any amount they can give will probably help her daughter. But their answer was "They have no money to give" etc..tsk!

Why I am writing this now?
Giving or sharing something we have is what God wants us to do for our neighbors who need our help. Love them as we love ourselves. Not expecting in return for what we give. And I believe that if our money is shared for those who need help badly, for sure God will double or triple the amount you will receive also.

But I know I can't blame them if they have the mindset like that. But I am hoping and praying that they also can know what is the real meaning of "GIVING".

Till my next post,

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why I Am Still Single?


Hmmm this is the topic I am avoiding to write on this blog even my gut feeling wanted to do this a long time ago, hehe. Today I decided to write about this topic, I really don't know why. Maybe because I am now at my age of 25 turning 26 this June and wondering why at this age I don't have yet that special someone in my life. I am too private when it comes to love matters, only my close friends know's about me personally but writing this online seems like I am opening now my private life to all of you. Hope I will not regret writing this here in the future,awp!Haha.

For my 25 years of existence here on Earth,haha Earth??  eh I did not experience yet having a boyfriend. It's sad for some and may say that, "How come your NBSB?" NBSB is No Boyfriend Since Birth, haha..I will not be ashamed saying that here. I am not the only one I think who is NBSB here on Earth right now,bitter lang?haha...

Well, I am pretty my friends said and mom,haha and I am not ugly also so I don't know why my status is NBSB,hehe. My life as a teenage years until adult way back in Elementary, High School and College is different from teenagers today for most. My life revolves only at home and school, I have friends but I am not always hanging out with them. After class, I always goes home and study. I had experienced dating also with some guys but it doesn't ended of being together. It always ended of me not liking him or he likes someone else. At my age right now, most of them said I should have a boyfriend already and settle down at the age of 30 something, the pressure surrounds me today especially most of my friends already has their special someone and most of my cousins are married already. The pressure is all over me but hmmm I know I should not. I don't want to settle on someone or having a boyfriend just the sake of being pressured. I want it to be special at the right time with God's mercy and grace.

God has a plan for each in everyone of us and our love life should be written only by Him and nothing else can do that but Him. The last month of December 2013 I had made the bravest and big mistake in my life and never again I would do that. I have spent so many nights crying and thinking about it. Doing the things I not normally do, like writing a very long letter just to pour out all my feelings to that person coz that is the only way I can do it. It came to a point that I totally has changed and my work has been affected. I talk to my close friends on what should I do, and I am very thankful and happy they gave me advises that I soon realize they are correct and I must keep on moving on with my life.

I am really tired of crying and always talking to God every night to heal me emotionally and put that genuine smile back on my face. My friend said it is a "Unrequited Love" the most painful of all, it is very impossible that someone will love me back or like me back like I am to him. So I spent reading, writing, talking with my friends just to forget what happened and I am very glad that right now with CONVICTION I can say that I am now ok :) I believe, trust and placing my hope now only to God to continue writing my love story until that the time will come in His timing that I can meet that person.

I stumble into a blog and found this very nice prayer below:

Prayer For That Special Someone

I want someone who will think about me first when shopping for his Christmas gifts,
and who envisions a life with me in his future years.
Someone who gazes at me as though I were
the most precious thing he has,and seeks to feel my hand whenever I’m not there,
I want someone who treasures each moment he spends with me
each laughter shared, each adventure taken, each lesson learned throughout
the years.
I want someone who thinks fondly of me before he goes to sleep
and thinks about me again when he awakes
who finds meaning in what we have,
and who looks forward to all that we have yet to discover
in life, and in each other.
I want someone who sees the real me
and loves me just the same.
I want someone who can grow with me
and who is happy in seeing me grow.
I want someone who can be intimate with me
and yet is strong enough to set me free,
so I can be the best of me.
I want someone who can make me smile,
and who smiles in turn because of me,
someone who can make me a more loving person,
a stronger person,
someone who is neither selfish nor insecure
and someone who will love my loved ones with me,
who will be strong enough for me
when I can’t be that strong anymore.
I want someone who has a life of his own
yet is able to weave it gracefully with mine.
Together we will create a new and more beautiful life together
not that we’re empty without each other
but that together, we will fill up each other’s cup until it overflows.

This is my prayer for that someone,
and may God who knows my heart better than I know mine
grant that which is most beautiful of all!

Credits to the author: Jocelyn Soriano

Till next time :) and hope the next topic about love I will be writing here will be my love story that God has been written all this time.

Love lots,

Why I Don't Like Debt?


Why I don't like debt? I am having an issues on what to write today,hmm but this topic pop out to my mind in an instant :) so I am writing this now. I have several reasons of why i don't like debt and later I will enumerate it so please bare me. Today is Saturday and supposed to be a weekend that I should rest and enjoy without thinking about work. But even if i wanted not to work eh I need to, I need to make up the work I was not able to do last Tuesday because of the bad weather. I woke up at 10 am and started working until 4:30 pm coz I need to go to church every Saturday at 5:30 pm. After the mass, my friend Ana treat us for dinner as her late birthday celebration. It was a very happy evening with them (my friends Dave, Irene, Juvy, Desiree and Shayne) :) they are my close friends and bro/sis in SFC community. It was indeed a very nice and happy evening together.

Sorry if I brag about what happened today,hehe.. let me now continue why I decided to write about this topic.
Here are the reason why i don't like debt?

  • I don't like to imitate or follow my mom's perspective of debt. She said that it is ok to have a debt coz she is also capable of paying for what she owe and i really DISAGREE with her. She has a pension but almost 70-80% every month goes to a lending firm. So for example if she has a Php 10,000 pension every month, what only remains is about Php 3000-2000. It does really sucks!sorry to say that. But even if I don't like what she is doing, I can't stop her even if i wanted to :(
  •  I want to sleep comfortable at night without thinking of paying someone I owe her money.
  •  I don't have a credit card and never wanted to have. Credit card is one of the reasons why many people have debts.
  • I want to retire comfortably someday.

I am seeing it now that I have an emergency fund even if it is not that big coz I have something I can use in case of emergencies without going to a lending firm or someone just to borrow money.

This is all for now, till my next post.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Get an SM Advantage Card?


I've been wanting to get an SM Advantage Card for so long already but I have no time to do so. Why I want to get this card? Well, here in Iligan City we don't have SM Mall but we have SM Retail Establishment such as Watsons that is located at our only mall in Iligan,hehe at Gaisano Mall Iligan. I do sometimes buy at Watsons and the cashier is always asking if I have an SM Advantage Card, so I was curious and wanting to have this card.

Then my friend (Irene) and me both goes to Cagayan de Oro City to file for an NBI Clearance but when we got there, they only give us a note that we will be scheduled to get back on January 31, 2014. I suggested to her that we go to SM to instead get an SM Advantage Card that we could both use when buying at Watsons, happily she agreed :) hehe...also we did that so that going to Cagayan de Oro will not be a waste of time for both of us, Cagayan de Oro City is 2 hours travel from Iligan City.

We enter SM in CDO and goes to there Supermarket and ask one of their cashier if how and where we can get an SM Advantage Card. The cashier said,"Here Maam, you can buy from me an SM Advantage Card". Yay, so we bought and it does cost PHP 150. The lady give us a form to fill up with our personal information including with a kit, the kit includes the SM Advantage Card (Temporary),  Member's Manual, SMAC Treats booklet.

Below are the steps on how to get your personalized SM Advantage Card:
1. Fill out the Membership Application Form.

2. Submit it to the Customer Service Counter at any branch of the SM Store, SM Supermarket, Savemore Market or SM Hypermarket within 30 days of purchasing your SM Advantage Express Kit.

3. Claim your personalized SM Advantage Card after three weeks at the Customer Service Counter at any branch of The SM Store.

Please present a valid ID and surrender your temporary card when claiming.

So that's it!It's fast and easy :)

P.S My card is still temporary, I will get my card when I get back to CDO on January 31, 2014,hehe..I will update this post once i have my permanent card.

Till next time,

Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Emergency Fund Is Important?


I write this post today because for me this is really important to have but most are neglecting this. I have been working on my emergency fund since last year until now but unfortunately have not yet reach my 3-6 months emergency fund until today. But I am working hard and trying my best to do it.

Through tough times that occur in my life for the past year until today, I am indeed sure that emergency fund really help us in times of emergencies. I do sucks in budgeting and putting up a 10-20% amount of my salary every month to my emergency fund is hard but I am doing it :)

Also, my 13th month pay for last year was fully put in my emergency fund for the first time, hehe I am indeed very happy about it. So emergency fund should not be neglected. Even if we reason out that your income is small and you can't save for emergencies but trust me your emergency fund will save you up in the future.

So that's it for now :)

Till next time,

Friday, January 3, 2014

FAMI Investment Update January 2014


I have been investing to FAMI (First Metro Asset Management Incorporated for 11 months now. I started last March 2013 and until now I am investing with the minimum PHP 1000 monthly. When I check the FAMI Portal website and log unto my account I see that I have already 2655 shares of Save and Learn Equity Fund (SALEF), I will not disclosed yet here on how much already my investment is, quiet not that big yet, hehe. But even if my total invested amount has not been reach yet or I have not gained yet until now, it is ok since I am not thinking for short term but for long term investing. The market value is lesser than my total invested amount for about 1K. I have a target of 5 years of investing but hopefully I want to increase it to 10-20 years, my fingers is crossed :)

I am keeping my COR for future redemption, COR is very important to keep coz it will be use when you want to redeem your shares. I am using my online banking facility (Unionbank) to invest monthly since it is more convenient than going to Metrobank each time I want to invest my money. I am very grateful that last year I was able to start investing at an early age of 25, they said it is better to start early than start when your already old. I guess I don't want anymore to brag here about my investment :)

Best regards,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jogging As A Frugal Exercise


It's January 2, 2014 today and I started my 2nd day of the year doing a frugal exercise. Going to a gym will cost a lot of money so this kind of exercise will not cost any penny. Last year I started doing a jog/run every weekend, when I jog for few miles I can release the tensions or stress I have in myself. I jog alone sometimes but often I am doing it with my friends or family as a bonding moments together. It's nice doing it with them especially if you want someone to talk to after a few miles of jogging.

Today I woke up at 4:30 am and got out of the house at around 5:40 am. Mom then ask if where I will go and I said I will jog again with a wide grin :) hehe..well she is not surprise anymore coz even if I am not fat I do really like to jog. Jogging once a week is one of my New Year's resolution for this year.

This is the trail where I did my jog this morning.

2nd trail where we jog with my friend Arcelli :)

With not only Arcelli but with also with my pretty friend Diane :)

It's the 3 of us who did a jog this early morning. It's really nice to think that I have this kind of friends who have the same interest with me. This is the time where we can talk and have a few chitchat about our lives.

Till next time,