Thursday, March 21, 2013

Believe and Be Satisfied "A Poem From God"


A post from me again :) I am proud to say that I am a Single's for Christ servant for almost 1 year already and getting 2 years this coming July.Serving the Lord was the best experience that happened in my life. I had able to experience ups and downs of life but still I trust in Him that He will always be there for me.

This poem I am writing now is a poem I got from an Audio Verse I listened to for about a couple of years already and from that moment on I did remember all of it :)

Here it is:

Everyone longed to give themselves completely to someone
To have a deep relationship with another
To be loved thoroughly and exclusively

But God says "NO" not until your satisfied and fulfilled and content of being loved by Me alone
"I Love You My Child", and until you discover that "Only in Me" is satisfaction to be found
And you're not capable about a perfect relationship that I planned for you

You're never be united with until you are united with me
Exclusive of any desire and longings
I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow me to give you the most thrilling relationship that exist

One that you can even imagine, I want you to have the best, please allow Me to bring it to you
Keep watching me, expecting the greatest things, keep experiencing the satisfaction that I am
Keep learning and listening to the things I tell you

Don't be anxious, don't worry, don't look around the things that other's have gotten or that I have given them
Don't look at the things that you want, just keep looking at Me or you'll missed that I want to show you
And then, when you are ready, I'll surprise you with the love far more wonderful that you could ever dream

You see until you're ready and until the one that I have for you is ready
Whom I've working for this very minute as I working with you
So to both of you ready at the same time

Until you're both satisfied exclusively with Me and the life I have prepare for you
You won't be able to experience the love that is based on your relationship with Me
And this, is "Perfect Love"

And Dear One, I want you to have the most wonderful love
I want you to experience a relationship with me and to enjoy the everlasting beauty and perfection in love that I offer
Know that I loved you utterly
I am Your Heavenly Father, "believe and be satisfied" ^^


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