Monday, March 31, 2014

Frugal Weekend Fellowship at Dodiongan Falls


It's the last day of March 2014 and before it ends I had an awesome weekend fellowship yesterday March 30, 2014 with my brother's and sister's in Christ of SFC-St Michael's Chapter. Why it is a frugal weekend adventure? Let me tell you further :)

Our chapter scheduled this fellowship one month ago and because of so many things to do in work I was not able to attend activities prior to this fellowship. So when I read the post of our Facebook page, I want to be able to join this time, at first I was hesitant but final decision was made a day before when my friend Irene encourage me to join. Why it is called a Chapter Fellowship? This means that all members can be together and spend time with each other in a place where most of us have not been able to go to yet, well it's my first time to go there, it's my 2nd time already but the thought of going there matters most.

At 9:30 or quarter to 10:00 am all of us meet at the meeting place which is at Barinaut, Iligan City. A habal-habal (cebuano term for Motorcycle) will be the mode of transportation going to Digkilaan, Iligan City where Dodiongan Falls is located. You will only pay PHP 30.00 per person, it was about 15-25 minutes from Barinaut, Iligan City. Then a walking phase will have to do after arriving Digkilaan. So you will walk and cross 2 small rivers. It was about 30 minutes that you will walk to arrived at Dodiongan Falls.

By the way, I spent only PHP 70.00 for the food or the lunch we eat there. Why? Well, we summed our money by my 3 sister's Sis Irene and Sis Chay for the total of PHP 210 for the lechon manok or grilled chicken plus the 2 cups of rice each. It was way much better or a frugal way you will buy foods and divide the total with your friends.

Now we finally arrived at Dodiongan Falls. Dodiongan Falls is 20 meter high fall and located at Digkilaan, Iligan City. It was one of numerous waterfall of Iligan City and resembles of a archangel wings that are awaiting to expand. You can also resembles it to a persons back.

Far distance.

Much closer shot.

Me with my sister's in Christ.

One of the river were about to cross.

My partner friend Irene while crossing the river.

All of us crossing the river. It was very hot!Haha..

Now here is the shot with all of my Brother's and Sister's in Christ :)

Ok that was it! It was indeed a very very nice weekend and I am very thankful to God for letting me experience this kind of things while I am still single and passionately serving Him through the SFC community. I have this quote that I want to share to all of you here. Hope you will all keep this in mind :) 

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

So overall money spent was only PHP 130 :) This is only the fare from Barinaut Iligan City, back and forth plus the food.

Till my next post.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Frugal Beauty Tip - Egg Facial Mask


When I wake up in the morning today I suddenly think of pampering myself :) I've been eyeing on this beauty facial mask yet in a frugal way using only one piece of Egg for about a week already when I stumble upon a You Tube Video by Michelle Phan. Yes!An egg! Why? I will explain to you, just keep reading.

Year 2012 was the worst acne experience I had. I was 23 years old at that time when all of these sudden pimples appeared on my face and plus on my back, sad to know right? So I put anything on my face to get rid of it, like Ponds, Garnier, etc brands that you can see on television and internet to get rid of acne but as a result my acne got very worst that I can't even imagine looking at the mirror everyday when I woke up.

Then after so many attempts to get rid of it, I finally decided to see a Dermatologist. The dermatologist then examine my acne and she diagnosed it to be at the Stage 3 already, meaning it is worst. I don't want to put my picture here on this post of my face being in a Stage 3 phase,hehe forgive me ;) She ask me what I am using to wash my face and any products I am putting into it. I said I am washing my face more than 3 times a day thinking that this acne will get away but it didn't. Then I said I put on Ponds Cream, Garnier etc after washing my face. Then she examined also my back and it has acne also that she can see on my face. Arggg very embarrassing but I endure all of it just to make my face and back clear of acne. I am very glad I did go to her for a consultation and prescribed me an antibiotic to take for 1 month and a Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser on washing my face plus a moisturizer and sunblock to put after. And then now, 2 years and 3 months after, my face is not on a Stage 3 phase already, haha, my face has been cleared by acne same as my back but occasionally when I have my menstruation every month some pimples will still appear but I am now treating them very well as what my Dermatologist prescribed. So that was it!My acne story,hehe..let me move on now.

OK, so much of my acne story but glad to tell you about it though :). As what I have mentioned above I did a frugal beauty tip this morning, it was a DIY(Do it Your Own) Egg Facial Mask. I learned this facial mask from Michelle Phan.

Below are the things you need:
1. An Egg (PHP 6.50) very cheap :)
2. 2 Bowls
3. A Brush (this is optional)

These are the steps:
1. Wash your face with a warm water and pat it dry. Don't forget to wash your hands before washing your face.

2. Crack the egg. Separate the egg white from the egg yolk and put it in the bowl. See picture below:

Egg White

Egg Yolk

3. Beat the egg white first until it became frothy. Then spread the egg white using a brush or your hands all over your face in an upward motions but avoid the eyes.

4. Wait for 15-30 minutes. It will harden your face but this is just normal, don't panic ;) 

5. Then wipe your face with a warm cloth or wash it with warm water and pat dry.

6. Beat the egg yolk in the 2nd bowl and evenly spread it all over your face with your hand or the brush. 

7. Wait for 15-30 minutes. Same effect you will feel just like the egg white. Michelle Phan video explain that the egg yolk is a good moisturizer for your face.

8. Wash your face with a cold water to close your pores and pat dry with a towel.

So that was the steps :) very easy to do and very cheap, right? 

But hey, how about the left over egg white and egg yolk? Don't throw it! You still can eat it,hehe. So what I did is I cook it in a small pan. Add some tomatoes plus salt or pepper to taste.

And voila! Here is the finish product!

Let me explain also the benefits of using "Egg Facial Mask".
Egg have a lot of protein that is great for nourishing your body, it is also great for nourishing your skin. It contains an albumin which help to keep the virus in control. Egg whites has an ingredient called lysozyme which act to digest the bacterial cell walls. Egg yolk also is a good moisturizer.

A good facial mask to try, right? Now, the final look! Haha, I put my Cetaphil Moisturizer, a quablock and a spitz of powder :) My skin feel so soft after this facial :)

I would probably do this once a week :) Your choice if you want to do this twice or thrice a week.

Till my next post.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

FAMI Issue Solved


My last post was whining and complaining about FAMI because of my additional investment to my SALEF account on March 17, 2014. Forgive me for that and now I will positively write about them.

When I emailed them and got no clear response from them, on March 21, 2014 in the afternoon, their customer service representative emailed me back and said "Maam, your investment is confirmed for booking today. Please wait for your confirmation receipt via Mail". And my reaction is "Yay!Thank You Very Much". I realized that my whining and complaining on my last post is not good. I should had not write it, I should not write when my emotion is not in line with the right mind or thinking.

Then I check my FAMI Portal and log in into my account and my additional investment was added on it. Today, March 27, 2014 I heard the doorbell and it was a Air21 delivery man delivering the confirmation receipt. I received it with a happy face :) I take a picture of it.

I learned a lesson about last post experience and will keep this in mind starting today:
"Never complain on what you don't have or any difficulty you had but be thankful everyday on what you have"

Till my next post.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

When Impatience and Irritation Strikes


I should not be writing this today but I like to burst out what I feel so please bare with me.

This starts with my internet connection got very slowly today so my mood in the morning starts up very bad. Plus when I am already working with my task a sudden FAMI (First Metro Asset Management Inc) thing goes into my mind, why? It is now March 20, 2014 and I am wondering why I did not receive a Booking Confirmation of my March 17, 2014 in the evening investment to my SALEF(Save and Learn Equity Fund) account. I use the Unionbank Online Banking Facility to invest and I am using this facility for about 7 months already and I NEVER ever got a problem using this, I TRUSTED my bank fully coz a "SUCCESS" status is visible on my bank account that the money was billed to FAMI.

Then why I didn't receive a confirmation from FAMI that they successfully receive the money from my bank account? So, this morning at 4 pm I send them an email asking about it and also why when I check the FAMI Portal to check if it is successfully there, it was NOT!A 0 investment info for this month of March!!!Usually I invest at night so the next day FAMI will receive it and book it before 11 am. So how come on March 18, 2014 until today March 20, 2014 the amount is not yet there in my SALEF account??

So an impatient attitude and irritation strikes me today because the email reply I got from there Customer Support was they needed me to send the Cyber Receipt I have using my Unionbank account use to invest on March 17 and a full name. I provided them the receipt and my full name and I got a reply of nothing until now on how was it and what is really the problem they can't put it up on my SALEF account. Another thing was, another Customer Support replied me saying their account number is blah..blah...(i cannot mention the account number here). I send a reply saying I don't understand what and why she is saying their account number is blah..blah..I got NO reply afterwards.

Why this people cannot answer or help me with my problem? Am I too very impatient with this?YES I am...and very irritated! I will give them until tomorrow to answer my email and hope this problem will not get worst :( or else I will stop investing on FAMI and hoping, praying this will not happen...I want to invest for a maximum of 5 years for my retirement.

Please do help me pray that it will be resolved soon.

That's all for now.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review: OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go?


Today I finally finish reading this book: OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go? By Lianne Martha Laroya. I had bought this book from her website - The Wise Living, you can visit her website to know how to contact her :). The price is PHP 299 + PHP 80 (shipping fee) = PHP 379 total. I am lucky coz I bought it during the promo period of December 2013 to January 2014. And now it is worth PHP 379 already, so I am lucky grabbing this, right? Below is what the cover of the book looks like:

The title of her book is catchy, right? This book is for 20s or 30s who are already receiving their sweldo or for those who were expecting to receive it next month or days to come. I've been interested on reading finance articles, blogs online last year and this book is my first book I ever purchase since then, hehe. Why? The generation now is very fortunate to have a easy access to internet and there are so many resources or websites in the internet that you can browse for finance topics and anything of a kind, also there are Ebooks also that you can download directly to your phone, so much convenience is offered for us. Despite all these convenience offered to us I decided to buy Lianne's book as a Christmas gift present honestly to myself last year but because of some uncertainties happen with Lianne's printing company it was delayed but hey it doesn't matter to me as long as I can receive it anytime on my doorstep and YES it did! I was on my travel last February that this book arrived at my doorstep and Mom receive it, it is only when I get home that I was happily and excited to touch it on my own two hands, hehe.

This book has 9 Sweldo Tips to be a 20-Something Millionaire. Yes, you heard me right, 20-Something Millionaire! :) So if you are in your 20s right now then it is possible to be a Millionaire,exciting! So keep reading...

The 9 Tips are very useful to me, I am turning 26 this coming June, I will not tell the date,hehe,secret ;) lol. And 2 of the tips I was not able to finish or do yet is my Emergency Fund and my Health Insurance. I struggle also until now on sticking on a budget every month from my salary or sweldo. One of the tip that I can be proud of right now that I am doing is my Mutual Fund Investment with FAMI. I started this last March 2013 with an initial investment of PHP 5000 and regularly investing every month of PHP 1000 until now.

The book will teach us how to figure out our own Millionaire meaning. What is being a Millionaire mean to you? Is it living comfortably when you get old? Travel to any places you want? Buy anything like shoes, dresses, bags you want? Help those in need especially your loved ones? etc, so there are a lot you can name of. While I am reading the book, I scanned through the page where Lianne put all the names of those people who define what being a Millionaire means to them and I AM ONE OF THEM :) hehe..I did take a picture of the page, yay!

I am at the top portion :) So very proud of it and thanks very much to Lianne for including me in her book!

You will learn a lot from her book and you will not for sure regret buying it. Your money will be worth it! So this book overall is deserving to have 5 stars and I will give it a perfect 5!!! The other tips are very useful and worth reading. I cannot anymore write all of those tips here coz I want you to figure or learn it yourself, hehe. I am very happy I purchased this book :) soon I will buy a new finance book and will write a review on this blog. I still have a lot to learn and way more to go to become a MILLIONAIRE!But who knows I will become one someday, hehe. It's not wrong to dream so keep working on it! Don't give up!

I will leave you a quote to think of:

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." ~ Earl Nightingale


Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Today when browsing through my Facebook wall I found a post that was shared by one of my Facebook friends and I was a bit curious on what it is. So I click the link and was redirected to the page, a tagline of the page caught my attention, here it is :)

And my reaction was, "LOL!,I am not sure,hehe" but as I realize when repeating it again and again I keep on convincing myself for an answer of a big "YES, certainly I can!" :) with a big smile on my face after. The question: "You don't have time for this, right?", at first I said "Yes" but later on I answered "No" I can have the time for this, there is about 24 hours a day so spending only about a few minutes to do this is not that hard, right? Then my final answer for this 2 questions was "YES!"...but how can I do this?

When you go to the website , they explain what this is. 

We live in a world were the word "BUSY" is a normal thing to say, left and right you see people walking along the street going to their everyday busyness task or job or anything they said they can say they are busy. There is a less and less of time to enjoy the moment they are in, to appreciate every moment they are going through and much worst is to spend more time with their family.

There is 71% of people tried to complete this challenge but FAILED to complete this and their reason was : they simply don't have time to be happy" , so the challenge now is , are you one of them? Or not?


Everyday submit a picture of what made you happy! :)

It can be anything that made you happy on that day. From a random act of kindness to someone you don't know, a coffee you like to drink every morning or afternoon, a friend you haven't meet up for couple of years, a dress that make you look beautiful, a food you crave for, or a bonding with your family or friends at  home.

First, you have to register on this link to do this -

You can decide which of these below the privacy you want of your participation & happy moments:
  • Share your picture via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a public hashtag #100HappyDays or #100HAPPYDAYS
  • Come up with your own hashtag to share your pictures with to limit your publicity. (But don't forget to tell them your pictures though)
  • Simply send your pictures to to avoid any publicity.

People who participated and successfully finish this challenge claimed to:

  • Start noticing what makes them happy whole day.
  • Be in a better mood everyday.
  • Start receiving compliments from other people.
  • Realize how happy they are to have the life they have.
  • Become more optimistic.
  • Fall in love during the challenge. (Oh..oh... I am excited on this one :)hehe )
When the challenge is OVER, the 100 happy moments collected can always remind you about the beauty of your life. For that, you can RECEIVE a little 100 PAGE BOOK WITH YOUR 100 HAPPY DAYS at the finish line of the challenge! EXCITING!!!right? I love books!!!So I am really UP for this challenge :)

How about you? Don't wait too long, start this now :) You will for sure not regret doing this!!!

I started this challenge today, and my first picture shared was on my instagram account: angellic88, you can follow me if you want, hehe. 

I will post another update about this challenge in a few months from now!!Yay!!