Saturday, May 31, 2014

Masters Summer Class End


I miss u!!!!

Yeah it was 1 month and 14 days to be exact that I was not able to post on this blog! And because of my summer class during Thursday to Saturday plus my online work the whole week eh I was not able to write anything. I concentrated on my studies and work and it ended up very well today :) I had completed 9 units of Masters of Education Major in Educational Management for the whole summer amounting to PHP 6-7, 000. The money spent doesn't matter to me when it comes to educating myself, this is one of my investment for myself that anyone can't take away from me. So if you are planning to pursue or take that course you like, then go ahead, take that as an investment for yourself! Education is something we should be proud to have for ourselves.

I haven't yet received or know what are my grades for those 9 units I take but I hope I performed well for those 3 subjects, but I am confident my grades are higher :)

Today I finish enrolling for this first semester of SY 2014-2015. I enrolled 12 units which is 4 subjects of 3 units each. The class is during Saturday and Sunday only because this course is intended for teachers who is working from Monday to Friday, so it would not be possible to have a class during weekdays, only weekend is possible.

Overall, I must say that I had enjoy studying even though during the afternoon I feel very sleepy listening to the reports of my classmates and the teacher, hehe. But it was all worth it and I had learned a lot from it.

I had only two pictures that I can show you about our summer class, I have my friend Irene with me on the 2nd picture.

Selfie pose plus the classroom :)

Me and Irene relaxing during lunch break.

So that was it!A great summer class indeed!


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