Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 2 of Day 30: Home Made Facial + Afternoon Nap + Work


It's Day 2 of Day 30 for this month of June :)

I said on my first post yesterday that I will write a 30 post on this blog for about 1 month, so I hope and making my best to stick to it coz sometimes I do really forgot. My mind is occupied with so many things to do and getting organize on what to do first and second until last during the day is a struggle, I must admit, I am not an organize person. I want to do all things at once so when it comes to time management eh I do really sucks! I admit it is one of my weakness, maybe I should get a planner? I have never been able to have a planner.

Or wishing someone will give me a planner as a birthday gift!haha :) just wishing. Well I have a travel tomorrow to Dahilayan Forest Park but I am now writing this post  before going to sleep, i almost forgot writing this.

Well today I had a pamper self day, when i wake up I made a home made facial. It is an egg white + the egg yolk,  I had a post about it on this blog on how I did it. Plus in the afternoon I got a nap from work, it was quiet long time not to do that since I started my masters, so it was really worth it :)

After that, I had then continue working, still a lot of things to do but hey it can wait!

That's all for my day 2 of day 30.

I will post tomorrow about our trip. May God bless us tomorrow.


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