Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Financial Status Update As Of October 2014

Hi Everyone,

I really miss writing to this blog, right now I am very confuse on what blog to maintain writing with latest updates about me, this blog or my other blog? Which is which? But right now I decided that I write this update on this blog.

My financial status since January 2014 is not soooo good honestly but I am trying my very best to improve it until now, it's already month of October and only 2 months more to go before year 2014 ends. January until last month August, my expenses every month got bigger and bigger, unexpected expenses or impulse buying occur that I haven't even noticed that it does really had a big impact on my way to a frugal living. Even though expenses got higher I still manage to monthly add to my FAMI-SALEF investment and MSU-IIT Cooperative savings, so even I have lots of expenses I still had something left in case of sudden emergencies or money trouble emergencies.

Last February I had two travels that I did, first was at Dakak Beach Resort at Dapitan Zamboanga del Norte and 2nd was at nearby city of Cagayan de Oro. So these travels of course needs money :) Then last June I go to Dahilayan Adventure Park at Bukidnon, unfortunately we were not able to ride the zipline because it suddenly rain when we get there. Last travel but not the least was our Mindanao Conference at General Santos City, the travel was really worth it, expenses was worth it, hehe. Travelling is one of the things I cannot even regret spending my hard earned money.

Plus I enrolled again with my Masters Degree in Educational Management this first semester that costs me about PHP8000 almost. This is an expense that I personally say an investment for myself, education is one of those things just like travel that I did not even regret doing.

So here is my financial status update below:

1. I got 4k almost in my MSU-IIT Cooperative savings account.
2. 23k almost in my FAMI-SALEF account.
3. EON Unionbank ATM Account - zero (arrgg i don't want to be shy about this, I learned my lesson now, that I should also saved up 10% every payday to this account, fingers is crossed about this)

I am still thankful to God that despite so many responsibilities at work and home, I still have something I can saved up for the future and not go into debt if ever. Plus starting from this day forward, I will limit all my wants and be more concerned on my needs. Wants are clothes and expenses that I did not need. So I hope I can keep with this promise to myself. And by the way because of those clothes, my closet has no empty space anymore to put all those clothes I bought that I don't really need, sigh....

Thanks and till my next post soon!



  1. Hi, I just came across your blog today, may I know what school are u studying. I'm planning to study again, kahit 40 yrs old na ko. Need to think of new career move since our company is not doing good now. Thanks, I just added you on my blog list now, gusto ko kasing sundan yung mga real life journey na blogsite, tnx. God bless!!!!

  2. Hi Ms Grace,
    I am also reading your blog :) thank you for adding me into your blog list, i will also add you.
    I am studying Masters Degree in Education Major in Educational Management here in Iligan City, I am a Physics Degree holder so I study again to upgrade my learning. I am currently taking up my Masters Thesis now so I am really busy recently.
    Age po does not matter when studying, so pursue po what you want to do :) It is the best investment we can give to ourselves.

    Thank you po for adding me in your blog list, I will also add you now.

    God Bless,

  3. Wow, ang galing Masteral ka na pala :)
    I'm planning to take BTTE (Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education) since 3 yr course lang ang natapos ko puede raw i-ladderize yung course ko. Wala na kasi akong maisip na field na may stable job & hindi ko rin gusto yung field ng job ko, aside from the financial crisis na pinagdadaanan ng company namin. Di ko rin kasi gusto ang course ko at parang gusto ko na rin magturo ngayon kaya nung mabasa ko post mo naging interesado ako.

    I read your latest post on FAMI, wala naman akong problema sa FAMI ngayon, pag magre-request ako ng statement of account dumadating naman sa email ko sinasabi ko lang yung FAMI account # ko, at sa mga additional top up mabilis naman dumadating ang Air21 sa akin para sa confirmation receipt.
    Magrequest ka na lang siguro ng latest statement thru email para malaman mo yung updated statement of account sa kanila.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your reply & God Bless :)

  4. Hi Ms Grace,

    Maganda po yang course na naisip nyo po pro i suggest po to teach in Elementary than in Secondary.

    About my latest issue po on FAMI, they have emailed me last week to expect this week for my added investment to be credited on my account and they apologize because na delay po ng bank na ginamit ko to transfer the funds to them, they said to resolve it very soon and hopeful po ako na it will be ok talaga. I have this kind of problem before also,twice na po sa ngayon ulit na it happened. So sana wala ng susunod pa :)

    Thanks also po for the reply and I will also read your blog po for your updated post.

    God Bless :)