Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blessings PLUS Lesson PLUS NAGGING


It’s been a while since my last post about my life update and this is the 2nd one after that. It’s just that I feel annoyed today and other stuff I am thinking. Let me start with this.

The past few months was a very relaxed month for me, relax for me means that my job was currently not in a good situation and my boss has a very few task each day for me to do. So it’s kinda frustrating instead of enjoying because for the past 6 years of working online I used to do so many tasks every day. My boss told me the reason behind this, it’s because his business is very down already and he’s finances is really tight right now. He ask me a favor to cut down my pay so he can longer pay me even if tasks are low and asking me also if I can save more on my pay, and I said yes to it since I am used to live within below my means. Last month, November he surprisingly sent me my 13th month pay, I did not expect that because he said that the business is down but my kindhearted boss still sent me the full amount. I really cried when I received that, it’s just that it is a blessing in disguise. When the money is on my bank account, I took 10k and put it to my emergency fund and spend the remaining 5k to pay off my debt. I should not supposed to take out that 10k because I am thinking if what will happen if my boss can finally decide not to pay me, that 10k will be my emergency fund just in case.

After that blessing, another one came, I was hired as a part time virtual assistant to a new employer but I am hoping this week he will let me start the work he will be giving me. I am thankful to God that the employer is kind also and hope to work with him very soon.

Then last week my first life insurance policy from AXA came, my financial advisor says it was a 2 years in the making, hehe. Because we had a talk about it 2 years ago, at that time I am still not sure if I have to buy a life insurance because I am contented for the things that I have that time, I have my Mutual Fund with FAMI, SSS, PhilHealth, St. Peter Life Plan and some emergency fund, so I said to her that I don’t need a life insurance yet. Then month of September we met again and talk again about it, this time around when I talk to her it’s kinda like I am interested already, we talked more about it and finally I decided to buy. This month I finally got my policy from AXA.

All was good actually after these blessings but this month November 23, 2016 my friend posted on Facebook that her dog was shot with a gun by their neighbor. Most of my friends commented an angry comments about it and myself took immediately into action to help her. I help her carry the dog to the veterinarian clinic and pay all the expenses without unknowingly putting into mind that I am already slashing the 10k amount I put for my emergency fund L yup, my 13th month pay was lost. I don’t want to really nag about this since I sincerely wanted to help the dog and my friend, it’s just that when I think about it, the help I gave was already too much. I didn’t anymore think what will happen to me and to my family since I am providing for all their needs if my income will be lost, that emergency fund is the fund I am depending on if ever there will be emergencies that come my way. This is a great lesson for me when in terms of finances or money. It is ok to help but helping too much is not good especially if it concerns your own welfare. Right now, my friend called me that she cannot get the dog because the vet clinic is asking for a payment again for them to release the dog, eh I don’t have any more money to help her, I said to her that I don’t have any more money and instead she can asks my other friends to lend her money. Am I a bad person for nagging about this? It’s just that sometimes my own actions on helping others make me think if I am doing the right way or not. By the way I volunteered to pay all the dog expenses because she said she has no money and she will be delivering soon for their first baby on the 1st or 2nd week of December.

Anyhow, I didn’t tell my mom about this L for sure she will get angry with me.

Please let me know what you think about my nagging part.

Thank You



  1. Sis, okay lang tumulong sana kaya lang isipin mo rin muna sarili mo. Paano kung ikaw ang magkaron emergency o ang pamilya mo, ikaw naman ang maghahagilap. That's one of our principle, being a financial advocate we must be aware of the circumstances of our actions esp when it comes to our finances. Siguro justifiable kung buhay ng tao ang nakataya, plus it's their neighbor's responsibility - the one who shot their dog who should pay for all the medical expenses nung aso not you. Yung bf ko dati nahagip ng sasakyan ang aso nya, pinagbayad nya yung driver sa medical expenses. Sabihin mo sa friend mo singilin yung kapitbahay nya para mabayaran ka.
    Anyway, aside from the nagging part your very lucky nabigyan ka na ng 13th month kami 4 months na delayed plus malabo pa ang 13th month namin.
    Pacencia ka na sa comment ko napahaba, Hope & pray maka recover ka. God bless sis!

  2. Hi Sis Grace,
    Salamat sa comment mo. Yup lesson learned talaga to sa akin. Masyado akong nagpadala sa emosyon ko, napasubra na. Di ko na naisip kahihinatnan pag ako naman nangailangan lalo na pag merong emergency. Hahaist ngayun I will be more careful na and will think a million times before helping if it's way too much na.
    Yes I am lucky pero naglahong parang bola ang 13th month ko, 1k na lang natira :(
    I am praying na sana maka recover ako soon sis.
    Thanks again for your comment. Sana maka recover ka rin soon sis sa work situation mo.
    God Bless