Monday, July 1, 2013

Tracking Down June Expenses


I have been tracking my expenses for 4 months now, I have started it last March 2013.  I am doing this stuff every month just to track where my money goes each day of the month. See below where my expenses go and how much.

June Expenses
Forgive me for the picture that is not really clear. I will just write the amount of my expenses below:
  • Utilities (Electricity, Telephone, Internet) - PHP 2521
  • Insurance (Life & Health) - PHP 2824
  • Irregular Expenses - PHP 3659
  • Help to Parents - PHP 13000
TOTAL = PHP 22004

My total expenses for June was PHP 22004. Hooray! My expenses for June is not that big compared to the last 3 months I am tracking it. 

My total expenses for March is PHP 27418, April is PHP 24994, May is PHP 29315 and now June is PHP 22004. I am very happy about this. I now know how to properly manage my money for the month of June. But I really need to still lower my irregular expenses. My irregular expenses are those expenses for eating out  with friends, transportation and groceries. 

I will make a budget plan starting this week for this month of July. I hope that my expenses this month will be much lower again just like the month of June.

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