Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2014 Short-Term Goals


I cannot remember if I had my 2013 goals so I cannot check if I achieved them or not. But anyways if I cannot remember then I will instead write my 2014 goals.

1. Jog for at least once a week.

2. Write a post to this blog even once a week or a month.

3. Lessen spending too much on dining out. Or dine out only for once a month.

4. Teach in a private school. Will pass applications to different private schools until March 2014.

5. Enroll 3-6 units of Master's Degree.

6. Spent more time with family.

7. SAVE & SAVE & SAVE & SAVE.....

Hope I can achieve my short term goals for this year. Be this year a prosperous one Lord :)

God Bless to all of us,

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