Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jogging As A Frugal Exercise


It's January 2, 2014 today and I started my 2nd day of the year doing a frugal exercise. Going to a gym will cost a lot of money so this kind of exercise will not cost any penny. Last year I started doing a jog/run every weekend, when I jog for few miles I can release the tensions or stress I have in myself. I jog alone sometimes but often I am doing it with my friends or family as a bonding moments together. It's nice doing it with them especially if you want someone to talk to after a few miles of jogging.

Today I woke up at 4:30 am and got out of the house at around 5:40 am. Mom then ask if where I will go and I said I will jog again with a wide grin :) hehe..well she is not surprise anymore coz even if I am not fat I do really like to jog. Jogging once a week is one of my New Year's resolution for this year.

This is the trail where I did my jog this morning.

2nd trail where we jog with my friend Arcelli :)

With not only Arcelli but with also with my pretty friend Diane :)

It's the 3 of us who did a jog this early morning. It's really nice to think that I have this kind of friends who have the same interest with me. This is the time where we can talk and have a few chitchat about our lives.

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  1. I'd also choose jogging than having a membership at the gym. Running is fun and you also get to become aware of your surroundings. I just hope that we also have the right environment here for running because once I go out of our house to run, public vehicles are present and the air is not clean.

  2. Jogging is a frugal way of exercising Elle :) you will not spend any peso doing this , all you need is a good pair of shoes, jogging pants or a shirt :D
    May I know where do you live?

    1. I'm from Malabon City, one of the cities of NCR.