Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Life Update

Hi Everyone,

Few more minutes to go and December is really here,yeah Christmas month is really here!!!I am super excited what will be December is for me and my family.

The month of November is not a soooo good month for me. I will tell you the details of why it is not.
In my last previous post to this blog, I have wrote about my November 2014 Budget and Plan. My Budget plan was a failure or I mean I failed doing it :( sad it is! no matter how I tried organizing and budgeting it does not succeed every time I do it, I even downloaded an app to my phone to track my expenses each day but it turned out bad, I had used it only for a few days and later on I stop using it. Arggg I don't know why I can't succeed in budgeting. But I am hoping that one day I can succeed doing it, it was really hard but I will really try again.

Despite the unsuccessful budgeting scenario, my November 2014 plan turned out well. Out of 5 plan I listed, I had successfully did the 1, 2 and 3, that plan is listed in my post here. I am happy that out of 5 I was able to do at least 3, I am building up again my emergency fund plus my FAMI-SALEF investment is growing, I mean I was not able to skip even a 1 month of adding an additional investment to it even at least at its minimum of PHP 1k.

Then the plan to enroll again in my Master's class continues for this 2nd semester, I was able to enroll 6 units, 3 units each for its subject. I enrolled 9 units last semester but this time around I cannot anymore manage to enroll 9 units because of my workload online plus the 6 units I enrolled this sem includes the Research Methodology subject which we will already start to write our own thesis, yeah thesis!This time around it is a Master's thesis so I did expect a difficulty on it , it is very different than the Undergraduate Thesis. My class is every Sunday only, I choose every Sunday because Monday to Saturday I am fully loaded with work to do. This afternoon when we had our 2nd class, my mind is full of questions like: Is this problem I choose for this thesis is really what I want? Can i do this? Do i have resources to do it? How will I do it? There are still a lot that is on my mind right now :( But I do hope I can really do it, please pray for me :)

Now, the worst part that I am gonna tell you on this post was the issue that happened to me this month. Well the issue has been settled already last few weeks of this month but still I want to write it here just to burst out what I feel. This is an issue with a guy in the community I am serving for almost 2 years, I had encountered many ups and downs while serving the community I belong but I endure all of those but I don't know that this time around I was really affected. Maybe because I have also some issues on myself that I don't know why until now it still existed. In this blog I have wrote about me being single, and until now I am, it's not that I am too picky, or no one dares to appreciate me but maybe the Lord has a better plan for my love life. I am now 26 years old but I was not able to experience yet being in a serious relationship, the word serious means really serious to me, meaning the guy will not only tell his intentions to me but also to my family, it has not happened so I guess it's not yet the right time. The issue that happened this month was, one member of the community who is a brother/male/guy posted something in our community page that affects me, he is posting it because he pity the guy who I did something wrong daw!That guy whom he said I did something wrong sent a group message to all citing that I did say bad to him when we meet at a mall here in my city. When I read the post and someone told me about that text message, my reaction was WHAT???WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT??? :( :( ...I got really mad an instant, yes instant!Why? How I can say something bad to him if I did approach him and offer my hand to shake with his but after that I said I must go now because I have also a friend who is waiting for me. That guy I approach misinterpreted my action. Then the member posted after a week or so onto our FB page about what happened. That is the last stroke that my patience has gone, I didn't even react about the text message and the false judgement about me. But that post is very rude, disappointing, and BIAS! Well this issue has been finished already now and I learned my lesson also. The lesson was, don't react to any bad comments, FB post, or any person who tells you that you did this or not if it is not true! If it is not true then don't ever react, really a lesson learned. We are only human, we commit mistakes and sometimes if other's say something bad about us we instantly react. Social media like FB, Twitter, Instagram has some disadvantages too, anyone can say something bad or good about you so it's up to us if we will entertain those or not. We should all be responsible on each of those social media we are using.

This post is a bit long, hehe but forgive me since I am not always posting on this blog. Till my next post :)

God Bless Everyone!Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas!!!Yehey!!!!


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