Friday, January 16, 2015

Late Christmas 2014 Update


How are you? It is now January 2015 and this post was very late for me to do but I think it's better late than never, right? :)

My 2014 Christmas celebration was a blast!!!I cannot compare it to the other Christmas celebration I had because this Christmas was being spent with my entire Dag-uman family, my mother's maiden family name is Dag-uman so it was very rare for us to  be together especially during Christmas. Most of my cousins and aunt are already living far from us so it is very impossible that we can be together often but this time it became possible. I am very blessed and happy it happened last year. God is so amazing! :)

My mom's sister's and brother came into our house to celebrate Christmas with us, it was not actually planned but it happened, it does not only surprise me but it does surprised my mom a lot, seeing her happy make me a happy daughter too. I then immediately went to the city to buy gifts for them and I don't care how much I spent but as long as I can share to them the blessings I have in this precious moment of the year. We had a little games played during the evening and it was very fun. My Auncle, Cousins and Aunt's danced in our very small living room area. Below are some of the photo's I got during the Christmas evening.

Happy to receive their gifts :)

Dag-Uman Family (Sister and Bro of my Mom+Cousins)

The Gifts

My Mother and Grandma

Mother and Me

It was a very happy Christmas indeed! Jesus made it possible for my family to be together on his birthday. I love you Jesus :)

My next post is about my Christmas vacation, so watch out for it! Till my next post.


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