Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines Day 2015!


Many of the women yesterday celebrate their valentines day with their boyfriends and husband but I am not one of them!Rawr...haha...well I am a certified NBSB so I don't care not having a boyfriend to date with during Feb 14. I am single for 26 years already and I think God has the reason why :) , he haven't yet found the guy who deserves my love. I had some suitors before but it doesn't end up having a relationship with them. Well I don't want to elaborate more of why I am still single,hehe. Let's move up to what I did on Valentines Day.

I celebrated my Valentines Day with my Mother and Grandmother in the afternoon and with my friends in the evening. Yes it was a blast and a very happy V-Day! V-Day can be celebrated also with your loved ones and friends, it doesn't mean you will only celebrate it with a man or boyfriend. 

It was a busy day for me coz I brought my cat "Brix" to the vet because we noticed that he has a uncontrollable urination this past few days. He will urinate in different areas of the house and the odor is really bad, the whole house smells like urine. Brix has been with us for 6 years now and he's been my lovey dovey ;) well I do love cats a lot than dogs, but we do have two dogs in the house. Brix has been brought to a veterinarian thrice already in his 6 years with us, he's an indoor cat so I don't know why sometimes he easily got sick. I am glad the vet was kind and he attended to what Brix needs for him to get well, he was being injected with an antibiotic yesterday morning. The vet said that it is good for 2 days and it will fight the bacteria that has been causing his uncontrollable urination. But today the antibiotic show a side effect on Brix health, it affects his appetite, he didn't eat anything since this morning :( he only drink water the whole day but no solid food or anything, and when I search through online, the loss of appetite was one of the side effect of the antibiotic being injected to him. I do hope and pray that Brix will be ok soon and his normal appetite will come back in the next few days. Here is Brix, he's a big and handsome cat :)

After me and mom brought Brix to the vet, we then go to the city with my grandma to eat a delicious meal ;)

Then after I had a date with my mom and grandma, I met up with my friends , sisters and brothers in Singles for Christ community to have a group date :)

So over-all my Valentines Day was not sad, but it has a memorable day with my Mother and Grandma plus my friends,sisters and brothers in SFC :) I want to thank God for letting me feel that He does really loved me unconditionally more than I ever imagined, He is really an amazing God. 

Hope all of you had a blast Valentines Day also!

Till next tym.

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