Tuesday, February 3, 2015



It's been 10 days or almost 1 week and 3 days now that my FAMI - SALEF additional investment for January 21, 2015 has not been resolve.

This is what happened why this problem again happen to me. I invested at 12: 35 AM on January 21, 2015 via my Unionbank account and the process was successful, meaning the money was successfully  been deducted to my account, there was a Cyber Receipt that I kept for reference. I thought it is all good and I will just wait 2-4 days for them to send me the confirmation receipt that will be directly send to my house via the Air 21 as courier. I've been doing additional investment every month since i am using the cost averaging method and my target for this is 5 years, I've started on March 2013 until now, so I am doing it regularly. But last month of January I never thought their would be a problem on that added investment I made. So days passed I check my FAMI Portal account if it was credited but ohlala it is not! Even a single peso, there was none that is visible on my account. Then I decided to email their customer service plus their Facebook account to know about my problem.

I got no reply from them, even a single reply there was none, so days passed I got a reply and they are asking me some information for their verification purposes and I give it to them. They said thank you for the verification purposes and they will get back to me after their operation team solve it. Then I got an email and it is said that "Please provide complete details of investment including  time of deposit and branch code po. kasi hindi po nag rereflect sa bank statement po namin . " So I provided them again the time of deposit that is reflected on my cyber receipt plus the bank code yesterday, I even attach again the cyber receipt. But until now I got no reply.

This kind of issue with FAMI is what I don't like. When you invest there was a delay or sort of this kind of problem that your investment could not be credited to your account. How come this is happening? My bank has no problem deducting the amount I invested since it was successfully been transferred to FAMI. I have high hopes on Mutual Funds like FAMI but this kind of problem is not really funny. I've been working hard almost 8-12 hours a day and investing on them is my retirement plan but they again fail my expectation :(

I do hope and pray this problem or issue will be resolve soon. I will not invest on them again this month if this issue will not be solve.

Till my next post.


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