Monday, March 2, 2015

February Spending Crazynezzzzz


How are you? Hope you are all doing fine, I've been very busy last month until the coming months to come. I am writing this post because I got shock on the total spending I did for the month of February. This is the first time when I started being frugal that my spending went overboard, way too much on my budget each month. When I got my own Belle De Jour Planner last month , there was a section on the planner in tracking your expenses and only month of February this year that I religiously track every centavo that I spent on anything either wants or needs.

Saturday which is February 28, 2015 that I add up all the expenses. And ohlala the total was 17k+ :( I got shock and cannot believe it! This is really my struggle right now, my investment is doing well but my emergency fund at ONB was not, so I have to make a solution for this, I will transfer some of this emergency fund on a separate account which is not on a bank but on a cooperative. I am a member of a cooperative and they have no ATM for your savings, you only have a passbook, so withdrawing your money will not be as convenient as the ATM. Having an ATM sometimes is a temptation especially since there are so many ATM's in the city that you can go to, just a click of the ATM's machines and voila the money is there. Plus add up the ATM's fees :(

This month of March, I have to do this solution for my spending struggle. Crossing my fingers for it.

Till next time.



  1. Hi Ms. Jing! Izza here of SavingsPinay. Mukhang first time ko lang mag comment sa iyong post hehe. Nakakarelate ako sa over spending na yan. Minsan kasi ang sarap mamili talaga. Ako naman ang problema ko pagdating sa ATM is the fact na di ka pwede mag withdraw ng exact amount. Kaya talaga yung budget ko minsan sira. hehe

  2. Hi Miss Iza, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :) yan talaga ang problema ko na i can't commit to my budget,hanggang papel lng ang budget ko pro sa totoo eh nasisira talaga xa..tsk :(

  3. Yan din minsan ang problema ko lalo't may credit card ako pag natalo ako ng temptation swipe agad ako. heheh