Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Summer 2015 Is Here!!!


Today is April 1, 2015 and summer is really here na!!! So it is expected that I want to travel :)

Well for this month I am going to Zamboanga to attend a family reunion together with my mother and grandmother. We will go on April 15-17, quiet short trip but it's better than never to travel for this month. I decided to make it short because I want to travel longer on May about 1 week almost.

On May, me and friends plan to go to Siquijor and stay there for 1 week, yay I am excited already.  I really want to travel this year and this summer is perfect for that. I have been saving like crazy this past few months but still I am long way to go to achieve the target amount I want to have on my emergency fund this year. I have not also enrolled on my Master's this summer since I want to relax because of a hectic busy schedule I had with my master's for the past second semester of this year that I had finish last March 19, 2015. My thesis proposal has been approved and I am ready to step onto my Thesis 100 on June 2015. So before taking that next step again I have to relax this summer.

So that's all for now :) See you on my next post soon. I want to post some pictures of my next post about my coming travel this summer.


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