Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello August


It's August already! Time flies so fast, we have only 4 months left before December.

Before August month hit, I was invited by Maam Caroline Suan, my past co-teacher of Tomas Cabili National High School -Annex as one of their judges for Mr. and Ms. Nutrition. Nutrition Month is being celebrated every month of July each year, so Maam Caroline quicky message me on FB chat, at first I want to decline the invitation but the offer of being handed a certificate after doing it is enough for me to say YES!Oh yeah I am YES to the certificate, hehe. Certificate means that another document will be added to my papers in applying again as a public high school teacher for next year, crossing my fingers that I will be hired next year. The event was fabulous and I did enjoy a lot judging who will be the best among the candidates :) the candidates are all beautiful, smart, handsome teenagers. They are very game to showcase their modeling skills in wearing the uniform, sports and casual attires. I was not able to take a picture with them but I have some 3 pictures only of the said event.

With Maam Caroline

With my co-teacher before (Maam Caroline and Maam Zen)

It was a unforgettable experience indeed!Thank you God for that experience. This month of August is a busy month again. This coming August 6, 2015 (Thursday) my NC II FBS class will start, 8 am to 12 noon from Monday-Friday. So this means that I need to wake up early to attend a class. I decided to enroll because this is one of the requirement for a public high school teacher to be hired. This year is the year that I working plus studying hard to reach my dream of becoming a full time public teacher. Even though I am working online for the past 5 years and turning 6 years this year, I still cannot forget my dream or passion of being a teacher. Hope all my hard work this year will be paid off next year. Please do pray for me that I can do this :) I am also keeping my faith and hope to 100%.

So you will expect that I can't update this blog again starting this month, but hope to write again if I have a free time. My workload online is less recently so that is a perfect timing also for me to do two things starting this month, work + study :)

Till my next post. Talk to you sooooooon.



  1. My brother has just started working as a public high school teacher recently. According to him, it's not a walk in the park but once you're there, it's gonna be worth it. Teaching is one of the noblest of professions so best of luck to you! :)

  2. Hi Ms Edelweiza,
    Thanks for dropping by on my blog :) Yeah I have read your post regarding about your brother being hired already as a Public School Teacher, congratulations to him. I agree teaching is one of the noblest profession. Thanks hope all the luck will be with me next year, keeping my faith :)