Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Budget Adjustment + Financial Update


It's been a while I haven't posted about my finances. I have told you on my previous post that I was laid off from my first job and the result is that my income has been down to 50%, yes half of it, it was not easy at first but I have accepted it and moving on. Had accepted a replacement job right away after I was laid off but it does not work out. I am used to work flex, meaning I own my time, I will decide what time I will start and end my work everyday and it does not work for a night owl like me.

Ok here it goes, my finances has been down but that does not stop me from continue living within my means. This month is a breakthrough on my Emergency Fund, I was able to save 30k for it and right now I am very happy :) it is already 2 months of my salary that I was able to save. Yay! So I am excited to put more to it until I get to 6 months worth of emergency fund. It has been almost a year that I've been struggling to save for my emergency fund, I had lots of unexpected travel plus expenses last year that I was not able to hold up and my emergency fund was nearly getting to 0, oh yes at the end of last year my emergency fund went down to 2k, unbelievable and not desirable either. I don't want this to happen again to me this year.

My FAMI-SALEF is growing, I started with only 5k as an initial investment last March 2013 and continue adding up to it until now with a 1k amount every month, oh yeah small but small does still matters :) , and right now I have 30k+ total investment with a 2k+ gain, yay a lot to be thankful for!

Our St. Peter Life Plan, our because I am paying two every month, for me and for my mother, this sounds morbid but I am just securing the future. I have only 9 months left to pay the maximum 5 years contract. Another milestone on my finances :) After I finish paying for this, I can now add the amount to my FAMI-SALEF. I want to diversify my mutual fund investment this year, I would like to open an account to Sunlife and choose the balance fund, I want to try a balanced fund also, but still my priority this year is my emergency fund, maybe next year I can open another account at Sunlife.

So for this month and the rest of the year my budget will be adjusted, no more unnecessary expenses, like clothes, bags, shoes, etc. I should only purchase the needs. Sometimes I do splurge on some wants but hoping to still stick to my budget. I have a fun fund of 500 php on my budget this month, so I am hoping to stick hard to this.

This is all for now, till next time.


  1. Makakahanap ka rin ng work na para sayo, just don't loose hope. :) Inggit ako kasi may st. peter life plan ka na. Gusto ko rin mag avail nyan in the near future. :D

  2. Hi,
    I am planning to re-apply to DepEd schools next year,secondary teacher kasi ako,please pray for me :) ,yung St Peter Life Plan is yung mama ko talaga ang nag udyok sa akin na kumuha,so far I have not regret doing it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog Cindy :)