Tuesday, January 31, 2017

BACK Investing with FAMI


Photo courtesy of FAMI FB Page

My life starting of this year has been busy because of some things to do and was not able to update this blog. But I am happy writing this because it's been a while I have not able to invest in FAMI. One of my goal this year is to go back investing and I want to start it starting the first month of the year and so I did. Last September I redeemed few of my shares to buy a Netbook for work because my old laptop is already damaged. I bought it at PHP 14995.00 , it was a 10" ASUS white netbook, the screen can be detached to the keyboard and has a 4-6 hours battery life. I love this netbook :) my money is worth it for this.

Back to investing with FAMI, I had started investing last January 20, 2017 through direct payment at Metrobank, for the past 3 years I am automatically investing through my Unionbank account but I noticed that it is not credited to the account to same day I wanted it to be put to my FAMI account. So for this year I want to invest through paying directly to Metrobank. I wanted to open also a savings account at Metrobank and hope I can open this month of February or March of this year. When I redeemed my share last year, it took about 2-3 weeks that my money was transferred to my Unionbank account, it was a long wait actually since I really needed the money that time.  

Talk soon.


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