Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life Update + Travel Adventures


I have to apologized for not updating this blog and posting anything that had happened to me for the past 2 and a half months. My last post was on April 1 and after that this blog has been very quiet :( and the reason was because of "laziness", so I want to say sorry. But right now I realized I should go back to writing and posting some of it on this blog, hope you could bear with me with this very long post this time around.

I mentioned in my last post that I will be traveling on April til May this year and indeed I really did went to the places I have mentioned.

Last April 15- 17, 2015 I went to our Family Grand Reunion at Compound, Mahayag, Zamboange del Sur. This is the place where my mother was born, it was more than 5 years that I was not able to get back to this place since my Elementary years.

Overall, the place was lovely :) fresh air is free, no noises from the vehicles, no air pollution and the awesome part is that most of them sleeps at around 7 pm in the evening, very early than my usual routine of 12 midnight everyday when in am in the city, lol.  You can see lots of trees everywhere, trees that is not usually growing in the city. Like that tree I had a picture with above, that tree according to  my Aunt is over a 100 years old, awesome, right?  So that was the month of April for me. I hope I could go to this place again next year and enjoy the trees and more moment of solitude :)

My next travel was last May 12-16, 2015. It was only 1 week but hey I did so many things even in just a week! I have with me my two friends Irene and Juvy, the plan was we will go to Juvy's place to celebrate their fiesta and the other days will be spend together to see the beautiful spots of Siquijor! Yup Siquijor, when Juvy mentioned if I want to go with her, I didn't hesitate to say Yes! Who would have not like going to a place that most people are excited to go to for a summer vacation? Certainly I would like to go. So May 12 at 3 am in the morning we travel from Iligan City and we arrive at Siquijor on the 13th, we had a quiet delay at Plaridel, Misamic Occidental coz the ticket has been sold out. So we decided to take the route of Dapitan City to Dumaguete via boat and a ferry from Dumaguete to Siquijor. Travelling by land is quiet tricky especially during peak seasons and indeed we have survived! Thank God it is really a nice and forgettable experience.

Here are some of our pictures of our "Extreme Siquijor Escapade". 

*A church of Lazi, Siquijor. Forgive me if I wearing a short inside the church.*

*At Salagdoong, Beach Resort of Maria, Siquijor.*

*At Salagdoong, Beach Resort. The water is very clear and blue :) *

*This is the beautiful "beach" we are able to go to. The Kagusuan Beach, this beach was featured number 1 in , cool! Right? :) *

*We have a foreigner companions!Lol :) The beach sand was really white and tiny. Oh how I'd love to swim in the water for the whole day. 

*We cannot go without doing some jump shots!Haha *

After Kagusuan Beach, we go to the "Foot Spa" where fish is making the foot spa...yeah you would not believe? Then try it at Siquijor only :) you only need to give any amount as donations and then you will have a foot spa in an instant by the fish themselves, hehe

That is the end of our 2nd day itinerary. Our 3rd day was spent visiting the St. Claire Monastery at Maria, Siquijor and the famous Infinity Heights of Siquijor, Siquijor.

*St. Claire Monastery*

*The Famous Infinity Pool of Infinity Heights!*

So that was it! I had posted a lot of pictures, lol :) Till next time! God Bless You Always!


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