Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feb 2014 Trip to Dakak


This post should be written right away after I get back home from Dakak but because of so many things to do and my SFC-Icon at Cagayan de Oro after I got home eh I was not able to write this. But it's better late than never, right? here it is.

On February 12, 2014 at 4:00 am me and my friends (Dave, Irene, Diane, Angel, Arcelli and Roceller) including the other groups was bound to travel from Iligan City to Dakak which is in Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City which is also known as the "Shrine City" of the Philippines. It was 4-6 hours of travel, kinda far from our hometown but when we arrived at Dapitan City the tour guide let us get out from the bus and take a picture of Jose Rizal's statue that depicts  a scene which Rizal landed in Dapitan City via boat because he was exiled by the Spaniards.

We also able to get inside the St. James Church. St James church was originally constructed in 1871 under the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Juan Gelabert, S.J and completed before the turn of the century, with the people of Dapitan rendering voluntary labor and supplying free local materials.

After taking pictures of Dapitan City where Rizal was exiled, we then go to "Fantasyland" the first amusement park in the Visayas Mindano Region. It was a really nice place and a breath taking view will melt your heart away in "awe" :)

 The beach :)

The waiting hall :) Waiters & waitresses will welcome you with their delicious drink!

And now, the amusement rides. It was a free pass on selected rides but selected rides are soo many so it was really worth the price :) By the way, each of us only pay PHP 1200 for the whole trip, a minimum of 50 persons per bus. So for you to pay only PHP 1200 the total persons in each bus should be 50. 

The rides!!!

The trip was really fun and we enjoyed a lot :) It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to a place like this and it's one of my dream to go to this place and the Lord Almighty grant my one wish :) I will forever treasure this one of a kind trip and still will look forward for more trips to come and by God's grace I know He will let me. I am keeping my faith and trust to God that all of my hearts desire will come true in His perfect timing. From all of the pictures above, below is one of my favorite, hehe even only a half of my face is captured, lol.

And of course, the last part is when all of our slippers was standing on the sand, hehe...

So that was it! A dream come true :) Thank You So Much Lord :) Oops, I forgot to mention that on Feb 13 at 11:00 am we depart from the place but even a 1 night only and 1 day to spent there, it was all worth it!

Till my next post,

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  1. Dakak is famous city in Philippine because its beaches are awesome and have superb environment there i also realized through the pics that ladies are enjoying much at the beach at that time tour of US charleston to new york bus after that i will make plane for it..