Friday, May 3, 2013

Fiesta Celebration Saving Tips


It's been a busy day today because our Purok is celebrating it's annual fiesta. We are not expecting many guests today to celebrate with us because we haven't invited so many for this. But the opposite happened, many of our neighbors, relatives and friends celebrated with us. I am glad that even though we are very tight on our budget right now and afraid if the food serve will be enough for them. But were very blessed that indeed the food served was just enough to all of them to eat. 

My mother did some several techniques or tips on how to save on preparing for the food to be served to the guests:

1. Cook the food at home. Never order or call any restaurants for the food you want your guests to eat. 

2. Buy the ingredients of your recipes you want to cook at a local supermarket. A supermarket that has a lowest price among it's counterpart. Do some research on these stores if they have the lowest prices on their commodities.

3. Don't hire any entertainers to go to your home just to entertain your guests. Get you DVD's and play the song they like and let them sing at your home. For sure they will be happy and get entertained without spending any penny.

So these was the tips that I learned today from my mother. Living frugally can save you a penny
even on something you don't think you can. 

Till my next posts.


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