Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tracking Down April Expenses


It's been a while I was not able to write a post for this blog. The month of April was the busiest month for me since 2013 came in. I had so many struggles in my service for SFC and other stuff I need to first do. But right now I want to write about my expenses for the month of April. I started tracking it last month (March 2013) and right now hope that my expenses for April will be lower.

Expenses for Month of April:
  • Utilities (Electricity, Telephone, Internet) - PHP 2,285
  • Insurance (Life/Health) - PHP 4, 905
  • Irregular Expenses (Day to Day Expenses) - PHP 3, 304
  • Help to Parents - PHP 14, 500
TOTAL: PHP 24, 994 


Last month my expenses was PHP 27, 418.5.

So the difference was PHP 2424.5, so I was able to save this money. This goes to my investment and my savings account.

Hope that this month of May I can still save more and invest more on my mutual fund.


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