Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pay Yourself First


It's been a while since I've updated my blog. I just got into some busy stuff lately ad recently I started to change my sleeping time, before I slept at 12 midnight or 1 am everyday and now I want to see to it that I can now sleep at 11 or 11:30 pm.  By the way I write now just to update on what is going on with my life.

I have been stressed out this past few months and one effect of this was my acne has started appearing on my face and it was worst just like last year when I started to have this. My insecurity strikes again and I don't really like it. My doctor has given me a maintenance regimen to use for my face but when I go to Manila last February for our SFC conference I stop the regimen and stick to a bar soap which was not on the doctor's list that I should use. So 2 months after I was back from the trip all of a sudden my acne has back. Everyday there was a pimple forming on my face and started to cover my jawline and my chin. It's really horrible and sometimes I don't want to see the mirror anymore.

When I got my salary yesterday, I immediately set aside a money to use on getting my acne treated again by the dermatologist. I had a Clarifying facial that was worth Php 700.00 and after this I got a consultation to have a KI injection worth Php 100.00. The doctor advised me to take a antibiotic to take for 1 month because my acne was worst already. Each capsule worth PHP25.00 but I pay Php 750.00 for the 30 capsules. Overall I pay a total of PHP1,550. The amount was kinda not bad, I am taking risk to take out an amount like this on my budget just to be able to have an acne free face. Being frugal sometimes need to be lift up in case of paying yourself first at the end.

Till my next post everyone.


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