Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wants Vs Needs - Which is more important?


A busy week for me but still I want to write this topic just to share what is my opinion about this blog post. This past few days I have been into blog post browsing for some bloggers online and most of them are on financial matters but one blog caught up my attention, it is not about Financial topic but it is on Beauty. A blogger has a website which here blog was about Beauty products and etc that concerns about beauty of a woman.

 I am a person that doesn't care much about my beauty, I mean I am very simple to the extinct that I will just go out with a powder and a lipstick on my face. I am not also concerned about fashion, I just wear any clothes that I feel comfortable to. I don't also like trends, even if there was a new trends on clothing or accessories, I don't follow it. I don't care if all people I see wear those trendy thing when I go out. I just want to be simple, that's it!Not a simple word where I don't take a bath anymore, lol! :)

Well, for me which is more important on wants and needs it would be "Needs". 

Let's define first what is needs and wants:
Needs - is something you have to have, something you can't do without or can't live without.
Wants - is something you would like to have. It is not necessary but would be a good thing to have.

For these two things it is absolutely clear which is more important from the two. Needs are those things we can't live without. Example was food, we need to eat in order to live so a food is a need.
Wants are those things that we do like to have but it is necessary for us to have. We can live without these things. For example was a new car or a new phone. We can go to our work or go to places without owning a car, we can travel to public transportation like jeepneys. If you have a cellphone then it is not necessary to buy another one just to keep up with the trend now for latest phones that just got out of the market recently.

Back to what I have mentioned above about the blogger I told you. She has a post that kinda caught up my attention. It was called a "Belle de Jour Beauty Box", this a box where latest beauty products was included. For just a Php 580 for 1 month purchase you can have this beauty box each month. In one box, there are a lot of beauty products included that if you total the overall costs of it, it will amount to more than Pphp 580. So you can save more if you purchase it said the blogger. But what confused me was if I do purchase it, can I really use of all the products of this box? Certainly a big "NO" pops up on my head. Why? This month I am  undergoing a treatment for my acne and my dermatologists prescribed me products that can only be put on my face and nothing else. So if I purchase it and has some products that can be put only to my face then for sure I cannot use it. And of course this is really a big "WANT" and not a "NEED". I can live without this thing that I do really want. I want it because my birthday is fast approaching also and was thinking also to be a gift to myself. But still a part of me says that I should not purchase this.

So I'll give myself two more weeks to decide if I will purchase this and if still I can't decide after that. Then I would definitely not purchase this want.

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