Friday, May 31, 2013

Tracking Down MAY Expenses


It's 12:02 AM of June 1, 2013 now, another month to experience new things and to discover new world that God has to offer :). For the past 2 months I've been tracking my expenses so that i'll know if I am effectively following my budget plan and of course being to live frugally at the same time. Don't be shock on what will I'll show you below on my expenses this month.


As you can see the expenses, I have very big expenses this month of May not like the previous month of March and April. My total expenses has been blown up to an amount of PHP 29315. My help to parents amount doesn't matter or does not hurt on my part because my family depends on me. The irregular expenses has increased but I have already told you that this month my acne has started to appear again on my face and I have to go to my dermatologist again to have treatments for my acne, an expenses that blow my budget up for this month. Below is the budget plan I made for month of May, so now you can see the difference on how much my expenses increased.

My supposed to be budget for May is only PHP 23100. But it ended up to PHP 29315. The difference is very big PHP 6215.

I know that this is not really a good news coz I do want to spend less on my irregular expenses and save/invest more. There are things that I can't control and need to importantly take care to like what happened on my face to have those acne back. But right now it is slowly been clearing up, the treatment has worked out. A lesson learned that I should really stick to the doctor's regimen and advised for me to do. 

Right now, I just lay out my budget plan for June, you can see the image below. So do hoping that I can follow this budget plan now and work slowly to building up my emergency fund for this month.

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