Thursday, March 21, 2013

Payment Day Today

It's payment day today :) Well, this is what I call it because I need to pay all of our house bills: electricity bill, telephone and internet bill, SSS and life insurance. I am not paying for myself only but also for Mom's health and life insurance. I am settling this all day because I want it to be done just in one day. The Lady who collected my pay for my life insurance ask something like this, "You will also pay for your other house bills?", and I said "Yup :)",she is amazed and said again "Well, you are really a good and responsible person. You're mother will be very proud of you."

What she said made me realized that helping my mother paying all the house bills is just my way of showing love and respect to her. It is now my time to pay back all what she has done for me until I graduated college and now has a work to provide us what we need.

Every month I am doing it and seeing to it that all bills should be settled on that particular month. I list all of these in a notebook and calculate it like this:

Electricity Bill - PHP 1,007
Telephone & Internet Bill - PHP 1,410
SSS - PHP 624
Life Insurance - PHP 1,300
Debt - PHP 504 (this is a debt I owe from my friend who did pay for my extra luggage when I went to Manila for a conference)

I am taking it down coz I really want to be organize and organizing this kind of things is one way of letting me be responsible on all of my finances. I am actually doing this for 3 years already and I can proudly say that it is very effective if you write it down. This way I can track where my money goes. Managing our finances is very important for us to realize that money is easy as it goes if you will not handle or use it wisely.

By the way, I am 24 years old and getting 25 this coming June 2013 and I will be very honest that I have still a lot to go on managing my finances really work.
One tip for today was: List or take down notes on your monthly bills :)

See yah on my next posts ^_^



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