Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Thursday Visita Iglesia

Hi Everyone,

Me and my family just celebrate the Lenten Season at home. We didn't go anywhere, we just stay at home.

But on Holy Thursday night, I and the rest of my church brothers and sisters did a Visita Iglesia. We will visit all 7 churches in the city and ask for 3 wishes from the Lord but if you want positive results just like my leaders said we have to really have faith on what we pray and give promises to the Lord to change something from ourselves, like changing bad attitude or etc.

Below are the photos I got from the churches we visited, unfortunately I got only 4 photos taken, but here it is anyways:

Church 1: Inahan sa Kinabuhi Church (ISK)

Church 2: Chinese Church (my fault not able to get the exact name of the church) but this is where Chinese people in our city goes to.

Church 3: Corpus Cristi Church

Church 4: St. Michael's Church (the biggest church in Iligan City)

It was one of the best experience I had during the Holy Week.

See you soon...


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