Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hindrances To Get A Savings Account in Banks


Today it was a long and tiring day for me...

But still I able to overcome some hindrances that gets on my way when I walk around the city doing the plans I want to do today. My big plan was to get a savings account via ATM or passbook to any banks in Iligan but I was dissapointed.

These are the steps I go through:

  •  I accompany my friend to a school to follow up her job application.
  • I went to Unionbank to pay for Kaiser Health Insurance for this month of March which is worth PHP 2081.
  • I went to nearest Kodak Studio.
  • I went to nearest photocopier store to photocopy my 2 valid id's that was the requirement to open a bank savings account.
  • I meet up with my Brother in Christ to open an account to MSU-IIT Cooperative for a savings account.
  • Then I go to BPI, Metrobank and Almanah Islamic Bank to inquire for their account savings opening.
On the contrary, I expected a lot to get it from BPI because I saw on their website that you can get a savings  account via ATM for a PHP 500 minimum fee but when I ask their customer service representative it was a big 3K which is PHP 3, 000. And my reaction on my mind was "What?????", I heard it right, it's a big 3K. Eh, never mind but still said "Thanks" to the CR (customer service rep) and by the way I don't like how the CR treated me :( He is not accommodating, when I ask him, his brows raised and seems he doesn't want to entertain my questions, he's quite been irritated. CR should be accommodating to their clients but that CR is really DON'T...

Next, I go to Metrobank since I have a FAMI investment and Metrobank is the bank which will make my life easier to make additional investment to FAMI. Unlike BPI CR whom not accommodating, well the CR in Metrobank is accommodating and smiling :) has a friendly aura. When she saw me waiting at the chair she immediately ask me what I want to inquire with a matching smile. Customer Rep should be like that so that the client will be encouraged to open an account to their bank unlike BPI. Their opening fee was PHP 2,000, not that bad but I said that I will just come back next time.

3rd, was on Almanah Islamic Bank which is a Subsidiary bank of Development Bank of the Philippines. When I approach the CR table, the CR accommodates me calmly and with a smile just like with Metrobank Rep. Their opening fee was PHP 1,000, voila this is it!!but the requirements made me not to open an account yet. One of their requirement was a TIN Card or an ITR (Income Tax Return), well I don't have a copy of this yet, so I need to go to BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and still to need to change my employment status their. I need to follow up about this maybe next time. So I just said "Thanks" to the CR and will just come back next time.

Lesson learned today: "Patience is a virtue" :)

So it was a long day....................

Till next time :)

Good Night

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