Sunday, March 24, 2013

Have a Heart of a Servant


When you read the verse on this picture, what will directly come's into your mind?or your heart? Today, we did our Christian Life Program training at 1pm-5pm. It is a half day training but I enjoyed listening to the speakers and having some chitchats with my brothers and sisters in Christ at the venue. Glad I was early to arrive at the venue :)

By the way, this kind of training was being implemented twice a year. This is our way of letting ourselves ready to go into battle. Not the battle that you're thinking that we will go to Iraq or so ;), this is a battle of good against bad. Against God and Satan, we as God's servant are His army that we will go to a battle. Next week we will start to evangelize single man and woman ages 21-40 years old. We will encourage them to join our Christian Life Program and to know God more in their life. This is not an easy battle for us coz we know that Satan is also working for those we will evangelize not to successfully know more about Jesus and follow Him.

My task is big on our coming CLP but I didn't refuse to it when my leader approach me because I know that God has a plan and a reason why He give this task to me. If I will only rely to my own strength then for sure I cannot do it but I know God will be working through me and all I have to do is do my part and He will do the rest :)

In the end: "God REWARDS those who will diligently SEEK HIM" ^___^

See yah on my next posts....



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