Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday and Black Saturday


I started Good Friday morning with a headache :( sigh, I just suddenly woke up being so pale and weak. So the rest of Good Friday and Black Saturday was only at home. I am taking med and lots of water, so I hope I will feel better tomorrow (Easter Sunday) by God's grace.

I am currently following Bo Sanchez blog and a subscriber to his daily email for free for quiet sometime now. He is one of the authors that I do really like. I am reading his blog, ebooks and daily email to my email address everyday. On March 23, 2013, when I opened my email, I received his email saying to grab his ebook for FREE with a title "7 Days of Prayer and Fasting". For the whole holy week, for 7 days I will need to read his ebook, and I really did!It was my 6th day today of reading it.

On his ebook, it was emphasized to fast on food but I am too skinny and cannot fast on food because I am sick so I decided not to fast on food. I decided to fast on ... well I will tell you what I fast at the end of reading the ebook. I will write another posts soon after I am finish reading the Ebook.

Enjoy your holy week and don't forget to pray. Prayer is the key to anything.

God Bless to all of us!

See yah...


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