Monday, March 31, 2014

Frugal Weekend Fellowship at Dodiongan Falls


It's the last day of March 2014 and before it ends I had an awesome weekend fellowship yesterday March 30, 2014 with my brother's and sister's in Christ of SFC-St Michael's Chapter. Why it is a frugal weekend adventure? Let me tell you further :)

Our chapter scheduled this fellowship one month ago and because of so many things to do in work I was not able to attend activities prior to this fellowship. So when I read the post of our Facebook page, I want to be able to join this time, at first I was hesitant but final decision was made a day before when my friend Irene encourage me to join. Why it is called a Chapter Fellowship? This means that all members can be together and spend time with each other in a place where most of us have not been able to go to yet, well it's my first time to go there, it's my 2nd time already but the thought of going there matters most.

At 9:30 or quarter to 10:00 am all of us meet at the meeting place which is at Barinaut, Iligan City. A habal-habal (cebuano term for Motorcycle) will be the mode of transportation going to Digkilaan, Iligan City where Dodiongan Falls is located. You will only pay PHP 30.00 per person, it was about 15-25 minutes from Barinaut, Iligan City. Then a walking phase will have to do after arriving Digkilaan. So you will walk and cross 2 small rivers. It was about 30 minutes that you will walk to arrived at Dodiongan Falls.

By the way, I spent only PHP 70.00 for the food or the lunch we eat there. Why? Well, we summed our money by my 3 sister's Sis Irene and Sis Chay for the total of PHP 210 for the lechon manok or grilled chicken plus the 2 cups of rice each. It was way much better or a frugal way you will buy foods and divide the total with your friends.

Now we finally arrived at Dodiongan Falls. Dodiongan Falls is 20 meter high fall and located at Digkilaan, Iligan City. It was one of numerous waterfall of Iligan City and resembles of a archangel wings that are awaiting to expand. You can also resembles it to a persons back.

Far distance.

Much closer shot.

Me with my sister's in Christ.

One of the river were about to cross.

My partner friend Irene while crossing the river.

All of us crossing the river. It was very hot!Haha..

Now here is the shot with all of my Brother's and Sister's in Christ :)

Ok that was it! It was indeed a very very nice weekend and I am very thankful to God for letting me experience this kind of things while I am still single and passionately serving Him through the SFC community. I have this quote that I want to share to all of you here. Hope you will all keep this in mind :) 

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

So overall money spent was only PHP 130 :) This is only the fare from Barinaut Iligan City, back and forth plus the food.

Till my next post.


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