Friday, March 28, 2014

Frugal Beauty Tip - Egg Facial Mask


When I wake up in the morning today I suddenly think of pampering myself :) I've been eyeing on this beauty facial mask yet in a frugal way using only one piece of Egg for about a week already when I stumble upon a You Tube Video by Michelle Phan. Yes!An egg! Why? I will explain to you, just keep reading.

Year 2012 was the worst acne experience I had. I was 23 years old at that time when all of these sudden pimples appeared on my face and plus on my back, sad to know right? So I put anything on my face to get rid of it, like Ponds, Garnier, etc brands that you can see on television and internet to get rid of acne but as a result my acne got very worst that I can't even imagine looking at the mirror everyday when I woke up.

Then after so many attempts to get rid of it, I finally decided to see a Dermatologist. The dermatologist then examine my acne and she diagnosed it to be at the Stage 3 already, meaning it is worst. I don't want to put my picture here on this post of my face being in a Stage 3 phase,hehe forgive me ;) She ask me what I am using to wash my face and any products I am putting into it. I said I am washing my face more than 3 times a day thinking that this acne will get away but it didn't. Then I said I put on Ponds Cream, Garnier etc after washing my face. Then she examined also my back and it has acne also that she can see on my face. Arggg very embarrassing but I endure all of it just to make my face and back clear of acne. I am very glad I did go to her for a consultation and prescribed me an antibiotic to take for 1 month and a Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser on washing my face plus a moisturizer and sunblock to put after. And then now, 2 years and 3 months after, my face is not on a Stage 3 phase already, haha, my face has been cleared by acne same as my back but occasionally when I have my menstruation every month some pimples will still appear but I am now treating them very well as what my Dermatologist prescribed. So that was it!My acne story,hehe..let me move on now.

OK, so much of my acne story but glad to tell you about it though :). As what I have mentioned above I did a frugal beauty tip this morning, it was a DIY(Do it Your Own) Egg Facial Mask. I learned this facial mask from Michelle Phan.

Below are the things you need:
1. An Egg (PHP 6.50) very cheap :)
2. 2 Bowls
3. A Brush (this is optional)

These are the steps:
1. Wash your face with a warm water and pat it dry. Don't forget to wash your hands before washing your face.

2. Crack the egg. Separate the egg white from the egg yolk and put it in the bowl. See picture below:

Egg White

Egg Yolk

3. Beat the egg white first until it became frothy. Then spread the egg white using a brush or your hands all over your face in an upward motions but avoid the eyes.

4. Wait for 15-30 minutes. It will harden your face but this is just normal, don't panic ;) 

5. Then wipe your face with a warm cloth or wash it with warm water and pat dry.

6. Beat the egg yolk in the 2nd bowl and evenly spread it all over your face with your hand or the brush. 

7. Wait for 15-30 minutes. Same effect you will feel just like the egg white. Michelle Phan video explain that the egg yolk is a good moisturizer for your face.

8. Wash your face with a cold water to close your pores and pat dry with a towel.

So that was the steps :) very easy to do and very cheap, right? 

But hey, how about the left over egg white and egg yolk? Don't throw it! You still can eat it,hehe. So what I did is I cook it in a small pan. Add some tomatoes plus salt or pepper to taste.

And voila! Here is the finish product!

Let me explain also the benefits of using "Egg Facial Mask".
Egg have a lot of protein that is great for nourishing your body, it is also great for nourishing your skin. It contains an albumin which help to keep the virus in control. Egg whites has an ingredient called lysozyme which act to digest the bacterial cell walls. Egg yolk also is a good moisturizer.

A good facial mask to try, right? Now, the final look! Haha, I put my Cetaphil Moisturizer, a quablock and a spitz of powder :) My skin feel so soft after this facial :)

I would probably do this once a week :) Your choice if you want to do this twice or thrice a week.

Till my next post.



  1. I have no idea that we can also use an egg yolk as face mask.

  2. Hi Elle,
    Yes it is a good moisturizer for your skin. :)