Thursday, March 27, 2014

FAMI Issue Solved


My last post was whining and complaining about FAMI because of my additional investment to my SALEF account on March 17, 2014. Forgive me for that and now I will positively write about them.

When I emailed them and got no clear response from them, on March 21, 2014 in the afternoon, their customer service representative emailed me back and said "Maam, your investment is confirmed for booking today. Please wait for your confirmation receipt via Mail". And my reaction is "Yay!Thank You Very Much". I realized that my whining and complaining on my last post is not good. I should had not write it, I should not write when my emotion is not in line with the right mind or thinking.

Then I check my FAMI Portal and log in into my account and my additional investment was added on it. Today, March 27, 2014 I heard the doorbell and it was a Air21 delivery man delivering the confirmation receipt. I received it with a happy face :) I take a picture of it.

I learned a lesson about last post experience and will keep this in mind starting today:
"Never complain on what you don't have or any difficulty you had but be thankful everyday on what you have"

Till my next post.



  1. hi there.. i just received my fami portal log-in details today. it didnt show any info like my acct num, cor num, soa and all the stuff. do u recall doing any certain procedures for online acct setup for fami (salef, salbf)? thanks. :)

  2. Hi Gel,
    When did you start investing with FAMI? In FAMI Portal you cannot see your COR #. For the SOA you will only see the total # of shares you own and the amount or worth of your investment as of today. You can request your SOA by sending an email to FAMI.
    For the account procedures I did, I only emailed them about it and they emailed me back with my portal log ins.
    Hope I did help you with your question. I only have SALEF by the way, I don't have SALBF.

  3. same here Sister Jing, i already invest in FAMI (FAMI SALEF) and got my COP via courier, air 21. Thank you for this information. Keep up the good work. A very informative blog.

  4. Hi Jing,

    Very nice blog btw. I just want to if did you deposit your investment at FAMI SALEF account number 0163016251497 ? because I've also invested last August 1, 2014 and until now I haven't received a booking confirmation nor the SOA for my additional SALEF.

    I am living in riyadh, that's why i only send my requirements thru email. I even tried to call them but it seems there's no progress with my concern. I'm really disappointed with FAMI and I hope that they would try to improve their customer service.

  5. Hi,
    Just email the FAMI Customer Service about that, just keep on asking and thorough follow up. Do you have your portal log in already in FAMI site?If yes, you can check there if the booking is really added on your account, if not, then you have to send them the Additional Investment Receipt you made via your bank or any other means in the process you did. Just like me, if booking confirmation is delayed, I send them the Bank Receipt I made for the additional investment.

    The post I write about being annoyed with them,it only happen once :) and now all is being good with them. I am not asking anymore and just wait for the SOA to arrived via Air21 as their courier at my house,usually i receive it 3 or 4 days after the booking was made.

    Hope somehow I answer your question :)

    Oops by the way, I am investing online via Bills Payment of Unionbank to FAMI-SALEF, I also forgot the account #.

  6. Thank you jing, I'll try to follow your advice. Keep up the good work jing. Godbless