Thursday, March 20, 2014

When Impatience and Irritation Strikes


I should not be writing this today but I like to burst out what I feel so please bare with me.

This starts with my internet connection got very slowly today so my mood in the morning starts up very bad. Plus when I am already working with my task a sudden FAMI (First Metro Asset Management Inc) thing goes into my mind, why? It is now March 20, 2014 and I am wondering why I did not receive a Booking Confirmation of my March 17, 2014 in the evening investment to my SALEF(Save and Learn Equity Fund) account. I use the Unionbank Online Banking Facility to invest and I am using this facility for about 7 months already and I NEVER ever got a problem using this, I TRUSTED my bank fully coz a "SUCCESS" status is visible on my bank account that the money was billed to FAMI.

Then why I didn't receive a confirmation from FAMI that they successfully receive the money from my bank account? So, this morning at 4 pm I send them an email asking about it and also why when I check the FAMI Portal to check if it is successfully there, it was NOT!A 0 investment info for this month of March!!!Usually I invest at night so the next day FAMI will receive it and book it before 11 am. So how come on March 18, 2014 until today March 20, 2014 the amount is not yet there in my SALEF account??

So an impatient attitude and irritation strikes me today because the email reply I got from there Customer Support was they needed me to send the Cyber Receipt I have using my Unionbank account use to invest on March 17 and a full name. I provided them the receipt and my full name and I got a reply of nothing until now on how was it and what is really the problem they can't put it up on my SALEF account. Another thing was, another Customer Support replied me saying their account number is blah..blah...(i cannot mention the account number here). I send a reply saying I don't understand what and why she is saying their account number is blah..blah..I got NO reply afterwards.

Why this people cannot answer or help me with my problem? Am I too very impatient with this?YES I am...and very irritated! I will give them until tomorrow to answer my email and hope this problem will not get worst :( or else I will stop investing on FAMI and hoping, praying this will not happen...I want to invest for a maximum of 5 years for my retirement.

Please do help me pray that it will be resolved soon.

That's all for now.


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