Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review: OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go?


Today I finally finish reading this book: OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go? By Lianne Martha Laroya. I had bought this book from her website - The Wise Living, you can visit her website to know how to contact her :). The price is PHP 299 + PHP 80 (shipping fee) = PHP 379 total. I am lucky coz I bought it during the promo period of December 2013 to January 2014. And now it is worth PHP 379 already, so I am lucky grabbing this, right? Below is what the cover of the book looks like:

The title of her book is catchy, right? This book is for 20s or 30s who are already receiving their sweldo or for those who were expecting to receive it next month or days to come. I've been interested on reading finance articles, blogs online last year and this book is my first book I ever purchase since then, hehe. Why? The generation now is very fortunate to have a easy access to internet and there are so many resources or websites in the internet that you can browse for finance topics and anything of a kind, also there are Ebooks also that you can download directly to your phone, so much convenience is offered for us. Despite all these convenience offered to us I decided to buy Lianne's book as a Christmas gift present honestly to myself last year but because of some uncertainties happen with Lianne's printing company it was delayed but hey it doesn't matter to me as long as I can receive it anytime on my doorstep and YES it did! I was on my travel last February that this book arrived at my doorstep and Mom receive it, it is only when I get home that I was happily and excited to touch it on my own two hands, hehe.

This book has 9 Sweldo Tips to be a 20-Something Millionaire. Yes, you heard me right, 20-Something Millionaire! :) So if you are in your 20s right now then it is possible to be a Millionaire,exciting! So keep reading...

The 9 Tips are very useful to me, I am turning 26 this coming June, I will not tell the date,hehe,secret ;) lol. And 2 of the tips I was not able to finish or do yet is my Emergency Fund and my Health Insurance. I struggle also until now on sticking on a budget every month from my salary or sweldo. One of the tip that I can be proud of right now that I am doing is my Mutual Fund Investment with FAMI. I started this last March 2013 with an initial investment of PHP 5000 and regularly investing every month of PHP 1000 until now.

The book will teach us how to figure out our own Millionaire meaning. What is being a Millionaire mean to you? Is it living comfortably when you get old? Travel to any places you want? Buy anything like shoes, dresses, bags you want? Help those in need especially your loved ones? etc, so there are a lot you can name of. While I am reading the book, I scanned through the page where Lianne put all the names of those people who define what being a Millionaire means to them and I AM ONE OF THEM :) hehe..I did take a picture of the page, yay!

I am at the top portion :) So very proud of it and thanks very much to Lianne for including me in her book!

You will learn a lot from her book and you will not for sure regret buying it. Your money will be worth it! So this book overall is deserving to have 5 stars and I will give it a perfect 5!!! The other tips are very useful and worth reading. I cannot anymore write all of those tips here coz I want you to figure or learn it yourself, hehe. I am very happy I purchased this book :) soon I will buy a new finance book and will write a review on this blog. I still have a lot to learn and way more to go to become a MILLIONAIRE!But who knows I will become one someday, hehe. It's not wrong to dream so keep working on it! Don't give up!

I will leave you a quote to think of:

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." ~ Earl Nightingale



  1. I have her latest book and its my current fave cos its simplicity yet very informative one. I think its her new book edition :)

    Feeling ko magkaedad din tayo. Hahaha. Yay, i have new blog to follow :)

  2. Hi Lala,
    I want to welcome you in my blog :) thanks for following this blog, I've been very busy this past few months and until now I was not able to write a new post yet but I will write as soon as my work schedule will be flex.
    I am 26 years old and turning 27 this coming June, magka edad ba tayo? hehe

    Thanks again for dropping a comment :)

    God Bless you always!