Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why I Don't Like Debt?


Why I don't like debt? I am having an issues on what to write today,hmm but this topic pop out to my mind in an instant :) so I am writing this now. I have several reasons of why i don't like debt and later I will enumerate it so please bare me. Today is Saturday and supposed to be a weekend that I should rest and enjoy without thinking about work. But even if i wanted not to work eh I need to, I need to make up the work I was not able to do last Tuesday because of the bad weather. I woke up at 10 am and started working until 4:30 pm coz I need to go to church every Saturday at 5:30 pm. After the mass, my friend Ana treat us for dinner as her late birthday celebration. It was a very happy evening with them (my friends Dave, Irene, Juvy, Desiree and Shayne) :) they are my close friends and bro/sis in SFC community. It was indeed a very nice and happy evening together.

Sorry if I brag about what happened today,hehe.. let me now continue why I decided to write about this topic.
Here are the reason why i don't like debt?

  • I don't like to imitate or follow my mom's perspective of debt. She said that it is ok to have a debt coz she is also capable of paying for what she owe and i really DISAGREE with her. She has a pension but almost 70-80% every month goes to a lending firm. So for example if she has a Php 10,000 pension every month, what only remains is about Php 3000-2000. It does really sucks!sorry to say that. But even if I don't like what she is doing, I can't stop her even if i wanted to :(
  •  I want to sleep comfortable at night without thinking of paying someone I owe her money.
  •  I don't have a credit card and never wanted to have. Credit card is one of the reasons why many people have debts.
  • I want to retire comfortably someday.

I am seeing it now that I have an emergency fund even if it is not that big coz I have something I can use in case of emergencies without going to a lending firm or someone just to borrow money.

This is all for now, till my next post.


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