Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Choose To Give


Yesterday my Auncle (my mom's brother) has arrived in our home early morning at around 8 am. He does not usually visit us without any occasion so were a bit surprise of why he came. He then said the reason why he came and that is, he's daughter has been sick and they cannot brought it to the nearest hospital because they have no money to admit her. So sad, :( right? My mom and I then talk about it on how we can help him even in a little way. I choose to get a certain amount from my emergency fund to help him and also praying for her daughter's fast recovery from her illness.

When he goes to her second sister to ask for help, they didn't give any single cent to him. And that sister she ask for has an obvious much more income than me and mom so why they can't even give something to help? I am quiet sad and disappointed when I heard it from my Auncle, Mom and I just explain that we can't force them to give coz they didn't want to. There are still people nowadays that they even don't know what the word "GIVE" or "GIVING" means. My Auncle didn't specifically ask for a certain amount to give to him but only any amount they can give will probably help her daughter. But their answer was "They have no money to give" etc..tsk!

Why I am writing this now?
Giving or sharing something we have is what God wants us to do for our neighbors who need our help. Love them as we love ourselves. Not expecting in return for what we give. And I believe that if our money is shared for those who need help badly, for sure God will double or triple the amount you will receive also.

But I know I can't blame them if they have the mindset like that. But I am hoping and praying that they also can know what is the real meaning of "GIVING".

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