Friday, January 3, 2014

FAMI Investment Update January 2014


I have been investing to FAMI (First Metro Asset Management Incorporated for 11 months now. I started last March 2013 and until now I am investing with the minimum PHP 1000 monthly. When I check the FAMI Portal website and log unto my account I see that I have already 2655 shares of Save and Learn Equity Fund (SALEF), I will not disclosed yet here on how much already my investment is, quiet not that big yet, hehe. But even if my total invested amount has not been reach yet or I have not gained yet until now, it is ok since I am not thinking for short term but for long term investing. The market value is lesser than my total invested amount for about 1K. I have a target of 5 years of investing but hopefully I want to increase it to 10-20 years, my fingers is crossed :)

I am keeping my COR for future redemption, COR is very important to keep coz it will be use when you want to redeem your shares. I am using my online banking facility (Unionbank) to invest monthly since it is more convenient than going to Metrobank each time I want to invest my money. I am very grateful that last year I was able to start investing at an early age of 25, they said it is better to start early than start when your already old. I guess I don't want anymore to brag here about my investment :)

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