Monday, December 5, 2016



I admit I have trust issue and I am still learning to changed it but today this issue hits me again.

I am a friendly person whom anyone can get along with once they know me but I have few friends whom I trust. Once I've trust someone I share anything to them, I express how I feel either it's good or bad. I am talkative once I've felt comfortable to someone.

My trust has been tested this year when my ex cheated on me while we are still in the relationship. I get to the point that I am affected physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am thankful to God for giving me the strength to let go of that toxic relationship last July. It was 5 months ago but until now I am still healing from the pain it cost me. Being cheated by someone you love is not easy so I now understand those women who has been cheated on. Enough of this and let me move on.

Tonight my trust for I thought a friend to me has been broken again. She ask me something and I answered her back without me knowing that she will relay the message to others and add some negative words on what I said. The one friend also whom she relay the message believe her.

Well I wish the two of them both good luck for what they did to me today, the two of them are now removed from my so called friends. I don't care anymore if I have only 2 friends whom I can trust with as long as I can trust them and they can trust me back.

Hope that in the future my trust issue to anyone will be healed. But right now I will be more careful who to trust.

Talk Soon.


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