Thursday, December 8, 2016

Unexpected Blessing: Hired! + Overflowing Happiness


I just want to share a good news. I got hired yesterday for a part time job for 2 weeks. God is really amazing in his ways. I prayed for this to happen and he indeed give it in his perfect time. I am hoping for this part time job to last long. I unexpectedly also been paid for that 2 weeks job, sweet eh :)

Yesterday was a family day also. My mother treat us for dinner. She gave her early Christmas gift to me and I've been so grateful to God for giving me a kind, loving, beautiful and very generous mother :) I will post a picture of the whole family tomorrow, I am about to sleep when I am writing this, hehe.

My mom's early present was a new anti-radiation specs plus a check up from a Ophthalmologist. The specs cost around PHP 1500. Then a new computer desk, my old computer desk has been very damaged already, we bought it last year 2008 so it has been used for almost 8 years! Imagined that, 8 years with that old desk I am using for work, so kuripot of me talaga,haha. Then a new mattress foam. I am using a wood bed when sleeping so it is kinda hard when you're lying at your back every night, I am not use to sleep in a mattress foam. I grow up sleeping in a "banig" or "katre" which is a Cebuano term for my past 28 years of existence, hehe. I can only sleep in a mattress foam when I am traveling and stays in a hotel or villa where luxury is at it's finest. But if I'm home I am sleeping in a katre or banig. My family is not a rich family, we are at the average income family where we have a comfortable home, can eat three times a day, can go out to eat out once a month or twice only. We don't have a car, an aircon or any luxury you can find in a rich home but I am thankful to God that even if we don't have any of those I mention that we don't have eh I can proudly say that we are happy and contented on what we have.

Before and after photos below of my computer table.

My 8 Years Compute Table ;)

My New Computer Table :) This table is on sale of 30%

By the way, meet my family below :)

From right is my mother Mama Rosenda and next to her is my grandmother Lola Nene

Indeed I can say that this month is the happiest and best month of the year :) Advance Merry Christmas to everybody!



  1. Wow sis, parang lahat ng good news & early presents mo - pangarap ko - new job, new computer table, new specs, new mattress, ur check up with opthalmologist - lahat yata yan nasa isip at di ko magawa at mabili, heheh...
    Sis, I'm happy for you sa dami ng blessings mo. God Bless.

  2. Thank you Sis Grace :)

    Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!