Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December Events


I've been very busy last two weeks and was not able to update this blog so here I am now writing again.

How are you? As we all know this month of the year will be the busiest for us, parties all over there and other events. Last December 17 my Sister in Christ Ate Bebe got married and it was a perfect and God's plan for her, she was already 40 years old, cool right? At this age we thought that she already has 1 or 3 kids but nope she didn't. I realized that getting married does not based on our age, if we are not ready then why enter into a marriage which is for a lifetime commitment to the person you will love forever. Since I am single right now I realized that we should not get married just because of peer pressure of your age or anything as long as you're ready then that would be the right time. God is always working in His perfect ways without our knowledge so I am keeping my trust to Him always specially my love life.

The Beautiful Bride :)

Me at the reception :) Hehe

It was a very nice and fun marriage event I attended. Just this year I have attended 5 weddings already, hehe. This year was a marriage year indeed! When I am attending a marriage I see to it that I can attend the mass and as I listen to the priest and seeing the bride walking down the aisle I also imagine myself walking down the aisle, just an imagination for now, haha.

Then last Sunday, December 18 I attended the SFC Christmas Party and a fellowship with my Household members.

Lunch Together with My Household Members :)

Singles for Christ Christmas Party 2016

So that was it! Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Talk Soon.



  1. Merry Christmas Sis!!! Nakakatuwa ang dami mong activities and events, sarap umattend ng mga ganyang weddings kasi nakakawitness tayo ng mga new beginnings in life. Have a wonderful new year ahead.

  2. Thanks Sis Grace :) Merry Christmas and have a joyous new year too!