Thursday, December 15, 2016

First Christmas Gift for Myself


One week to go and Christmas Eve will be celebrated, Jesus Christ is coming! I really thank God for this very happy month, the tears, sadness, loneliness and negative feelings I had for the past few months of this year has been replaced with overflowing blessings and happiness this month. God is really amazing and indeed good all the time. The trials I've been through this year was a test on how far my faith to him will be and I indeed succeeded conquering them all and it's all because of him, praise God Almighty!

I received my first Christmas gift to self last Tuesday :) I've been eyeing for this cool gadget or tool for the whole year because I can't really afford it but now Christmas sale is on going and I was able to save PHP2,000+ , yay! The price was down to PHP 779+ PHP119 (Shipping Fee) = PHP 898.
I use my first salary on my new job now to pay for this. I've been wanting to buy this because sometimes when I do travel my phone's battery got easily drained so I need a powerful powerbank to use, hehe. And now here it is na, yay!

I want to present to you "Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000mAH Power Bank White with Gadget Pouch".

(Together with the Gadget Pouch)
The Gadget Pouch is used when you are underwater because it is waterproof. 

It's really nice to shop during December because most things are on sale and you can save more bucks! And by the way, I bought a new pair of sandal to pair with my dress this Saturday for a wedding I will be attending to, it was on sale also, it cost only PHP200+ instead of PHP400+. Yay, God is sooo good :)

Advance Merry Christmas Everyone :)