Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy and Productive Sunday


How are you? How was your weekend?

As I am typing this blog I am about to sleep because this day has been a busy and happy day for me :)

I woke up at 7:00 am, instead of 6:00 am, hehe because my meet up with my one member is at around 9:00 am. If you are a part of a Singles for Christ ministry you will understand what this post is about but for those who are not, it is still ok :)

I am a Christian and I am a part of Singles for Christ community. I am serving the Lord since July 2011 and until now I am serving the community. I am now a Household Head with three members and all of them are ladies. In our community the girls and boys are separated during the Household Meeting, so you will not wonder why all my members are ladies.

At 9:00 am, we started our Household prayer and it was finished at around 12 noon. Below are our picture together. I'd like you to meet my beautiful Sister's in Christ, namely Sis Aiza, Sis Gracety and Sis Judith. We call each other Sis as an endearment for Sister's in Christ.

First Household Together (From left is Aiza, Gracety and Judith)

Second Household Together (From left is Judith, Gracety and Aiza)

Third Household (From left is Judith and Gracety) Aiza is not present.

I am already 5 years serving the community and I can tell that I grow in faith and became a stronger person when I enter the community. I was able to know Christ more and aspire to become a better person each day, I am not a perfect person because I am only human who can commit sins from time to time but when I have this fire burning in my heart I am confident that I can be forgiven by a very forgiving God and not let that sins ruined me as a person. As much as possible I am aspiring to be like Him. I have my own lapses as their leader right now but I know this task will be a task that is being lead by the Holy Spirit who is always guiding me to be a better leader for them. 

The community was a blessing to me, I grow in my spiritual hunger for God and also my weaknesses before has become my strength now. I am praying that God will always guide me as I served Him though this community. It was not easy serving the Lord because you will actually face many trials and problems that you thought you can't handle but when I served Him I realized that the problems and trials I go through daily will not be as hard as before because I know I can conquer them all with the help of Jesus. 

At the afternoon I attended also our household head training which has two spiritual teachings, it ended at around 5:00 pm. After that, another household meeting I attended at 6:00 pm for our one Sister in Christ who has a despidida because she will get married this coming December 17, 2016. I am really happy for Sister Bebe, indeed waiting patiently for God's perfect timing is amazing and beyond explanation. Our God Almighty does work in his mysterious ways without us knowing of what it is and it indeed amazing! Right now personally I am still letting myself be healed from my past relationship and when my heart will be 100% healed I know someone will come along and Papa God will let me know if I am ready for it or not. Waiting for his perfect timing is not a waste of time because he will really surprise you :) Our household has finish at around 9:00 pm.

10:00 pm I arrived at home and literally I am tired but I want to write this before I will sleep, I just want to share what my day went. 

Thank You and God Bless



  1. Galing mo sis, yan ang wala sa akin- ang leadership traits and being active sa isang religious organization, I am a Catholic and usually ang goal ko lang is to attend Sunday mass, pero bilib ako sa yo sis, active ka pa sa Singles for christ.It is indeed a productive sunday :)

  2. Thank you Sis Grace :) before ako naging SFC is parehas din tayo, nagsisimba lang ako tuwing Linggo at minsan nga eh hindi pa. But when I enter the community eh lahat ng yun eh nag iba.
    God Bless Sis Grace