Friday, December 2, 2016

To Do List


I've been wanting to write a to do list a long time ago but laziness strike me always but now I am doing it. Today December 2, 2016 I created my first to do list.

I write my first To Do List it in a 1/4 index card, I have 1 bundle of index card that I bought before and I thought I could use it. Recently that I have a relax time at work during weekdays I realized that I am wasting my time on other things that does not add a value like reading FB Posts and watching movies.

Here is a sample to do list I make today:

Date: December 2, 2016


1. Market MMI Events (Work)

2. Market Life & Wealth Mastery Events (Work)

3. Send 5 Applications to

4. Advance Reading of K-12 Science

5. Write a Blog Post 

6. Send a Work Report

7. Miscellaneous Stuff (Read Bible, Meditate, etc.)

I discover that it's better that I will write it instead of just putting it in my head because I do forgot to do it at the end of the day. I am very forgetful like especially if I go out and my mom will let me buy some stuff, I do always forgot about it. So what she will do is text me a message while I am out so I could remember. Sometimes also I forgot my cellphone, wallet, umbrella or anything when I go out, I am only 28 years old but my brain functionality I think is 40's, lol! Hehe. 

I forgot important dates also like Birthday and Anniversaries. What I am doing to lessen these is to write it on paper or anything so I would not forget.



  1. Hahah, natuwa naman ako sa sinulat mo " I am only 28 years old but my brain functionality I think is 40's, lol!" ---
    I have to admit na "ulyanin na talaga ako" , I'm turning 42 this January. That's the reason why I write my goals & to do lists stuffs visibly inside my room, and write everything in my notebook. Sabi ng Psychology teacher namin - may advantage daw kasi ang pagsusulat kaya lagi ako nagsusulat to remind my "ulyanin" brain :)

  2. Haha natawa ka talaga sa nasulat ko sis, makakalimutin talaga ako yan talaga weakness ko, sometimes nga kahit may gusto pa akong gagawin eh nakakalimutan ko agad-agad. Overthinker kasi ako sis, kahit na sabihing wala talaga ako masyadong ginagawa eh malalim lalo mga iniisip ko, may sarili akong mundo kung baga,hehe.
    Tama ang sinabi ng Psychology teacher mo sis na mas natatandaan talaga pag sinusulat.
    God Bless Sis Grace :) Thank you for constantly dropping by :)